Easter Afternoon Tea with Waitrose

We are huge fans of afternoon tea and take time out most days to sit down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake or a biscuit.  Easter is the best time to indulge in a proper, more formal afternoon tea and we highly recommend the Waitrose range of scrumptious Easter goodies.  Make sure you head in to store tomorrow to stock up for a proper traditional afternoon tea on Sunday.  Here's what we have been enjoying today...

First of all the traditional Good Friday treat of Hot Cross Buns, which at Waitrose come in no less than nine varieties!  We sampled the Heston Acacia Honey & Ginger variety for breakfast this morning, a substantial bun perfect for halving, lightly toasting and buttering, it has the slight spiciness from pieces of stem ginger, offset by the sweetness of the honey, and is quite delicious.  Perfect for breakfast or tea on Easter Sunday and beyond - stock your freezer now!  (We loved the Earl Grey & Mandarin variety last year and managed to stockpile enough for May and June!)

For tea we had the Richly Fruited and the Date & Cranberry buns, which are both outstanding.  Steve toasted both of his and declared them excellent, whilst the girls and I went for the purist halved and buttered version.  Both were chock-full of luscious plump fruit, and Sophia happily sat and picked all the sultanas and raisins out of her Richly Fruited one, eating those before the rest of the bun!

The girls also enjoyed more of the delicious All Butter Cookies they started on after choosing them in store yesterday.  Lara chose the Cherry & Almond variety, and Sophia the Belgian White Chocolate Chunk.  We were a little surprised at how soft the cherry & almond ones were, but they have a pleasant cherry bakewell/frangipane flavour which Lara likes.  The white chocolate ones are nice and crunchy and I may have swiped one or two for my cup of tea when Sophia wasn't looking...  Delicious!

While the girls munched happily on their biscuits, Steve and I indulged in some soft, crumbly Richly Fruited Scones with a fabulously zesty, sour Lemon Curd (me) and a thick, very fruity Plum Jam with clotted cream (him).  Of course, we should be knocking up our own scones, but sometimes life gets in the way, and having a reliable decent scone you can snap up in store is perfect.  The jam and lemon curd are both stunning, and will be permanent residents in our cupboard from now on.

And then it was time for the cakes!  Like most small people - and a lot of big ones! - Lara is a huge fan of the enormous American-style cupcake with its swirls of super-sweet frosting, and the gorgeous Fiona Cairns Easter ones from Waitrose did not disappoint visually or on flavour.  The pink one was Lara's first choice, of course!

Sophia is big into the Mini Eggs this year, so opted for these cute little chocolate-iced fairy cakes with mini egg decoration.  Following the hot cross bun dismantling earlier, there was a very strict regime of scoff mini egg first, then icing, then cake.  Apparently they taste best that way.  (The cornflake cakes are from the girls' tea with the Easter Bunny yesterday.)

Although I think I might also have one of the super-frosted Fiona Cairns creations, this afternoon Steve and I couldn't wait to dive into the beautiful Waitrose Simnel Cake.  Replete with its 11 marzipan balls, iced with pretty yellow and white daisies, and finished with a yellow and white gingham ribbon, this is the perfect centrepiece for your Easter afternoon tea table.  Oh and it's delicious too, I urge all of you to dash out and buy one!

All products are available from Waitrose stores nationwide, although I would urge you to pop out tomorrow to stock up.

Head over to the Waitrose website if you are looking for Easter recipes or some great ideas for having fun with the kids this Easter weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Gosh these look totally yummy -
    and you've just reminded me that I haven't made a simnel cake this year… whoops!
    Perhaps a quick trip to Waitrose is the answer!
    Happy Easter to you, too.
    Emma :-)

  2. Love the photos and that Simnel Cake looks lovely! Happy Easter!


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