Easter at Asda

Asda have another great Easter range in store this year, with a huge range of chocolate goodies, decorative items and much more. Here are a few of the Easter items we have been sent to review.

Lara and Sophia still have the lovely felt egg hunt baskets they received for review last year, and I think they will last for many years to come, as they are such excellent quality.  So the pink bunny one we received this year was instantly earmarked ('scuse the pun!) for Tatiana.  Although at 4 months of age I think she is rather too young for any chocolate consumption yet!!

I think Lara has a plan to hide some little plastic craft eggs we have for her though, just to make sure that she is involved in proceedings on Sunday.  Plenty of room for them in this spacious and super cute little bag.

Following on from the Playmobil Easter 'Advent' calendar I told you about recently, these cute little crackers have subverted and adapted another Christmas tradition the children love.  Each contains a snap - the best bit as far as our two are concerned! - with a paper hat and an Easter-themed sticker.  Lara and Sophia loved trying out a couple of the crackers ahead of Sunday, and revelled in trying the hats on themselves and the long-suffering cats!

Now of course the accoutrements are all very well, but what you all want to know about is the edible stuff, isn't it?  Of course, Asda don't disappoint with a soft, thick, chewy, sweet-iced gingerbread bunny and a yummy sweet, creamy chocolate egg on toast novelty chocolate bar.

The girls and I had a piece of each for our snack at morning tea today (oh come on, it's Easter!), and we all enjoyed both items.  The gingerbread is not too sweet, not too gingery and not too hard, so pretty much just right!  And the crunchy sugary icing on these kind of biscuits always goes down well with both Lara and Sophia, in fact Lara will often forego the gingerbread part...

The Chocolate Egg on Toast obviously falls directly into the 'novelty' line, and often such products are not made of the best chocolate, but this is quite the exception.  Smooth, creamy, quality milk and white chocolate blend together to make a delicious treat, which will hit the taste buds whilst also raising a smile.  Really scrummy and a lovely little gift.

So head down to your nearest Asda for lots of lovely Easter treats this weekend!


  1. Crackers at Easter! What a great idea! Loving Asda's range of Easter goodies x

  2. love reading this post but boy dont the supermarkets use any excuse to go all out to grab your money
    fun for the little one though x


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