Post-it Crazy!

We are big fans of Post-it notes in this house, well big users of them anyway!  They are used as reminders, for lists, for love notes, for our 'to do' wall, all sorts.  Thankfully the kind people at 3M have just sent us a big selection of Post-it notes in different shapes and sizes. With so many different colours and shapes, the Post-it® Brand from 3M is perfect for adding personality, emotion and individuality to your handwritten notes.  Here are some of our uses of Post-its:

First up is our new 'to do' wall!  Rather than having lists everywhere, even lists of lists in some cases, we thought a visual representation might have a bigger - and hopefully more efficient - impact.  We have 6 A4 sheets of paper stuck up on our kitchen cabinets: Phone, Do, Go, See, Make and Buy.  On each of the sheets we stick up a Post-it note, so at the moment we need to phone Laurence, visit Thomasland, see Hiromi and make a gluten-free chocolate cake, for example.  The idea is that, once the job is done, you remove the Post-it note and have a huge sense of achievement, even more than crossing off a job on a to do list.  And actually it works, I highly recommend this new system!

Further along the kitchen cupboards, there are our weekly plans (as someone said recently, you can tell I used to be a teacher!) so that we don't forget the various groups and events we need to go to in the next couple of weeks.  And below those are yet more Post-it notes, usually a list of cleaning jobs, a meal plan for the week, and a must-do this week list of dos or buys.  (The pink ones are a leftover from Mother's Day two years ago, you can read more in this post.)

Now these myriad prosaic uses of Post-it notes are useful and can even, with the use of different colours and shapes, be fun, but we also have a more pleasant use of Post-its.  When Steve goes to work he usually leaves out my mug with a tea bag in it, and a little note on a Post-it alongside.  This might be a simple "See you later. I love you", but might also be a more involved note about something we have been talking about, or if I have had a bad day a note to say something he loves about me, a wish for a good day if the girls and I are off out somewhere, or more often lately an apology.  (Not very good at remembering the old adage of not going to bed on an argument here!)  Being a bit of an artistic type, these notes often have a little picture or a doodle on them too, and the choice of shape and colour often tell me something about how Steve is feeling too.  Here's one of the recent ones:

And me?  Yes, I do occasionally leave him a note too, but it is more likely to be a note to do something, or a direction, perhaps like the one below:

Yep, we love Post-its and they're great for everything!! ;[)

3M Post-its are widely available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.  They can also be bought online.


  1. Who doesn't love a post it? So great for making you feel organised and in-control, even if the surfaces they are stuck to in my house are a mess! Still you manage to make being organised look pretty with all those cute colours.

  2. I love post it notes - you can never have enough and the kids love leaving me notes too!

  3. I do find post it notes quite helpful, but we have to be careful where we leave it as my youngest has Pica and will eat them!!!

  4. Massive fan of post-it notes. I use about a packet a week at work/home.

  5. Post it notes are fab- so brightly coloured and you can stick them anywhere!! Life in our house is more organised thanks to post it notes!!


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