Review: Cawston Press Canned Drinks

We reviewed some delicious sparkling drinks from premium soft drinks brand Cawston Press last year, and can now tell you that they have launched canned drinks for the first time.  Ideal for taking on picnics or out and about this summer, there are two flavours available: Rhubarb and Cloudy Apple.

These drinks offer grown-ups a pleasing change from the usual sugary sweet, additive-laden canned drinks and are guaranteed to be refreshing, delicious and free from nasties like artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colourings.

The two new flavours, Cloudy Apple and Rhubarb, are inspired by quintessential British garden flavours, and are made by blending pressed fruit juices with sparkling water for  alight, refreshing taste.  All Cawston drinks use apples picked at premium ripeness and pressed within 48 hours.

Rhubarb combines sweet pressed apples with hand-cut rhubarb with it's deliciously tart and crisp taste, and gently carbonated water.  The total fruit juice content is 20%.  I thought this was slightly sweeter than the bottled version, but still delicious and perfect for summery quaffing!  It goes well with spicy dishes and tapas-style dining.

Cloudy Apple is a beautiful blend of apples, including British classics Cox and Bramley selected for their unique depth and 'bite', and sparkling water.  It has a total fruit juice content of 70%.  I LOVE the apple drink and will definitely be stocking up on this one this summer.  It was delicious with our picnic, crisp, delicious, zingy, thirst-quenching and scrummy!  Highly recommended.

These really are high quality and tasty grown-up drinks.  They will certainly be gracing our picnic basket this summer.

Both flavours are available in 330ml cans, either as a 6 pack at Waitrose and Booths (RRP £4.99), or as individual cans at WH Smith, Whole Foods, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic and other independent retailers, priced at 99p.


  1. They sound great! I do like the sound of the Rhubarb one.....I don't think I've ever drunk a Rhubarb flavour x


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