Review: Nature's Path Gluten Free Nice and Nobbly Granola Bars

Thankfully it looks like Sophia isn't gluten intolerant after all (touching lots of wood here!), but one thing we have noticed during our cross-family gluten avoidance these past few months is just how dull the world of gluten-free can be!!  Don't get me wrong, there are of course some great gluten-free products out there, but they are diamonds in the rough with the majority of products having their flavour, taste and texture removed along with the gluten!  All hail then the scrummy Granola Bars from Nature's Path.

Nature's Path Gluten Free Nice and Nobbly Granola Bars are available in two varieties, Dark Choc Chip and Trail Mix, and are a great snack for all of us, gluten intolerant or not.  At just 140 calories a bar, they can also be a delicious snack on any diet.  These bars definitely prove the point that guilt-free, gluten-free and environmentally sustainable doesn't have to equal taste-free.

The Trail Mix bars are a combination of organic pumpkin and flax seeds and golden-baked oats, alongside tangy cranberries, sweet almonds and crunchy peanuts, with a sprinkling of dried coconut.  Not overly sweet, this combination creates a delicious chewy bar, with a taste of pumpkin seeds, coconut and peanut combined.

The Dark Choc Chip bars contain organic fair trade chocolate chips (10%), oats and quinoa, and has more of a puffed rice texture.  The addition of the chocolate chips makes it seem extra indulgent, and it goes very well with a cup of tea and five minutes' peace!!

Described as "the bee's knees of wholesome, guilt-free euphoria", these snack bars are tasty, gluten-free, organic and produced by a friendly, family-owned producer.  Guaranteed to "leave the soil better than we found it", they claim that this is a company "where the words taste and trust stand side by side".  Lofty ideals indeed, but they get my vote, and I would far rather give my hard-earned pennies to great producers like his than the big multinationals who don't seem to give a monkey's.

This is definitely a case of 'does what it says on the tin', or in this case packet, as they genuinely are nice and, er, nobbly!  Well worth popping one in your jacket pocket or handbag for those hunger pang moments when out and about.

Available in boxes of 5, Nature's Path Gluten Free Nice and Nobbly Granola Bars are available from Waitrose, priced at £1.99.


  1. Oh these look yummy, I love granola bars, will keep a look out for them x


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