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I told you a couple of weeks ago about our huge love and use of Post-it notes here at Attachment Towers.  Well, the kind folk at 3M offered to have one of my many notes to the OH analysed, the handwriting that is rather than the content - thank goodness!!!  Things have not been plain sailing in the marital waters lately, and the content of some of my notes to Steve in recent weeks would be enough to make a sailor blush!

Luckily there were some more polite ones to choose from, so I grabbed a recent hastily jotted missive and sent it off to see what the graphologist would make of me.  Handwriting analysis is one of those things I have often wondered about over the years, as I really do think there is something in it.  For centuries school attendees have been taught a generic style of handwriting, yet each and every child, despite the particular style they are taught, has evolved some idiosyncracies in their writing.  Even the strict cursive style of my grandparents' generation, although fairly uniform at first glance, was developed by the individual in their own unique way.

Nowadays pretty much anything goes and there is no national standard style for handwriting, with most schools determining their own requirements for style.  To be honest, it was something I detested teaching as a Year 3/4 primary school teacher, as it seemed the one thing to make 95% of children look and feel totally inadequate.  Each was able to write perfectly well, in their own unique way, and if they did need assistance then I believed that should be given individually rather than in a class situation designed to humiliate them.  Of course, the powers that be disagreed, so the children and I held hands and jumped through that particular hoop as best we could!

Anyway, my handwriting, well it's not great but it's not too bad, usually readable - I think! - and it has served me well through school examinations, an undergraduate degree and a literary Masters, but what does it say about me?  Here's the note I sent over: 

And the analysis I received back:

“You are dynamic, have a need for physical activity, a need for change and a need for variety. You are enterprising and a very quick thinker, but sometimes take on too much. You are warm-hearted and try to avoid conflict whenever possible, but for all your sensitivity you will not allow people to mess you about. Your writing shows high potential with the capability to do many different things; the difficulty for you is deciding upon which activity to concentrate on.”
Adam Brand, Post-it® Graphologist

So what do I think?  Dynamic and a quick thinker, definitely.  Also a bit of a plate spinner with the insatiable 'need for variety', which can often become taking on too much, yep.  Not sure about the physical activity part, I'm certainly no sports enthusiast, but walking I do a lot of, and often need a good long walk on the beach or in nature to clear my head - probably as a result of the plate spinning!  The need for change is definitely true, and when I was younger often resulted in giving up a job or a location that had become mundane and seeking out new adventures, in a new company, a new city or a new country.  Thankfully that need for novelty is not such an issue now, although we do sometimes talk about emigrating or taking the girls off travelling for a few years.  You never know!

I wouldn't have said I avoided conflict, rather the Italian genes can mean I don't walk away from it when I should in fact, and no, I definitely don't let people mess me about.  This has been politely described as 'not suffering fools gladly' more than once, but 'bolshy' and 'stroppy' might also be used...  Having said that, yes I am warm-hearted and can be sensitive, especially if I feel I have been let down or slighted by someone.  The anger is often accompanied later, privately, by tears too.  And that's the bit people don't always know about or understand about me, the tough exterior is a great mask if you don't have the ability to see underneath :-)

Having asked the husband about this, he says I often then situations around so conflict becomes unnecessary, so maybe the avoiding conflict part is true then.  He agrees wholeheartedly with everything else too, so it must be true, oh person who knows me best!

That last sentence about potential and difficulty is definitely true too, with my dyspraxia definitely hindering the decision-making process when faced with a multitude of tasks.  In some ways I wish I had had that issue identified when I was much younger, it might have meant a different academic or career path, who knows, but ultimately we make the decisions we make and end up where we were meant to be, I believe.  And although things can be tough (definitely at the moment!), I wouldn't change my little family for the world, Steve and my girls and cats are everything to me.  Now I just have to find a way to keep all the plates spinning and make sure everything gets done when it needs to...  Any advice?!

I am amazed at the accuracy of the analysis to be honest, a great experience.  Thanks 3M!

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  1. Amazing what they can deduce from your handwriting!


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