Baby Essentials 0-6 Months

It's funny having three children, it seems that once you go above the average of 1 or 2 people look at your family with entirely different eyes.  I've lost count of the "huh, you've got your hands full there" comments we've had, and "do you only do girls?" has been asked more than once - hmm, slightly offensive!  But we are also now apparently experts in the parenting field.  Yep, genuine on the street people actually stop us and ask about equipment and all things baby when you hit the magic number of 3 smalls, how weird is that?!  So here, blog readers, is my run down on the only essentials we've decided you need for babies under 6 months:

1. Clothes.  Yes obvious, but more specifically vests and babygrows, most other stuff is a right pain to dress them in and pick them up in, save the cute outfit stuff for when they're older. Supplement these basics with seasonal necessities like cardigans, snowsuits, sun hats, as required.

2. Nappies, cloth or disposable, you'll need a lot!  Wipes too, again washable or disposable, up to you.

3. A car seat.  Again, perhaps the most obvious essential, but do make sure you get it fitted correctly, and that it is suitable for your bub's age, weight and size.  Rear-facing for as long as possible is best.

4. A few toys, such as the Lamaze ones and the classic Sophie le Girafe for when everything starts heading mouthwards...  The Chicco ones are fab for when baby starts being interested in lights and sounds around 4 months+.

5. A baby carrier or sling, or if you're us a whole library of the things!  Personally I prefer a stretchy wrap sling for the first few months and then a more structured carrier like the Boba after that, as you can see it will last for years!  And of course a pram if you want to use one.


6. And finally, the free stuff - you, your time, your love, your boobs for milk, your arms and your voice.

And that's it!  As far as we're concerned those are the essentials for baby from birth to 6 months.  Oh and a camera for all those essential photos and videos - enjoy every moment!


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