DVD Review: Lalaloopsy Ponies - The Big Show

There was much whooping and jumping and down when the postman called on Friday - the new Lalaloopsy DVD had arrived!  Lara is completely crazy about her Lalaloopsies, with a collection of over 40 mini dolls with houses, fairgrounds etc, as well as some of the bigger ones.  We also have several books and the first two DVDs, which get watched A LOT.

For those that don't know, the Lalaloopsies are a (huge) series of rag dolls that came to life when the last stitch was sewn, and have different characteristics, interests, clothes and pets according to when they were 'born'.  For small girls learning the name of every Lalaloopsy, the history of every pet, and the outline of every story is a full-time job.  Lara may actually be studying for a degree in all things Lalaloopsy!  But they are rather cute, and harmless, and fun, with no inappropriate clothing, body shapes or storylines, so long may it continue!

The latest DVD from the Lalaloopsy stable (pun alert), features a new gang to Lalaloopsy Land: a group of talking ponies.  One of the ponies corresponds as a pen-pal with one of the Loopsy girls, neither knowing that the other is a different species.  The way they and their friends deal with this when they meet is really well done and has prompted Lara to open a discussion about race, creed and colour.   Great stuff.

Once the cross species friendship issues are allayed, another problem presents itself.  The ponies are on their way to perform in a show but their caravan and carousel need mending.  Cue some great teamwork, sharing of knowledge, and lots of laughter and fun, and the problem is solved.  And then, of course, it's time for a song.  (And if you're Lara to either act it out with your dollies and ponies, or to watch it all over again.)

You can see the trailer here:

This is a really lovely DVD, perfect for any Lalaloopsy fan, or for any little girl not yet familiar with their world.  So saddle up for some half term fun when Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show [DVD] is released today, 26th May 2014.  A big 5* from us!


  1. Looks a great dvd - my daughter loves lalaloopsy!


  2. My twins are almost one so think this may feature in our lives in the coming months!!


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