Our Morrisons Meals

I told you on Monday about our experience of shopping at Morrisons this week and promised to share some of our Bank Holiday meals, and their costs, with you.  So here's a run down of our Bank Holiday eating courtesy of Morrisons...

Firstly, our yummy Bank Holiday breakfasts.  I love breakfast, and get especially excited at the prospect of multi-course hotel breakfasts, so it's something we like to make the most of and take our time over at home when we have the opportunity to do so.  Steve was working on Saturday and Sunday, so Bank Holiday Monday was our first proper family breakfast of the weekend.  On offer were yummy Morrisons Pecan Plait pastries at just 33p each (bargain!); and pancakes with Greek yogurt, berries and a drizzle of Tate & Lyle Squeezy Golden Syrup, at £1.87 for a Steve-sized portion and half that for a Lara sized portion.  I was very happy with my little pastry treat and tea in my current favourite mug.

Lunch was going to be a picnic, but the sky kept clouding over so we decided to stay at home for lunch in the end and had a plate of salad with falafel, hummus and pitta bread.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find falafel in Morrisons, but the other elements of the dish came to a measly 60p each!

As it was a holiday, we decided to indulge in an afternoon treat, fruit scones with jam and clotted cream.  The scones were a bargain at 65p for 4, a lot less than elsewhere; and the clotted cream was 95p for a small pot, although it was rather runny as you can see!  Delicious though.

Each week the girls get to choose a meal each and I must admit the variety is not huge, tending to be either pesto pasta, jacket potatoes or veggie sausages, but that little extra bit of autonomy means that they try the meals we choose the rest of the week, which is kind of the point.  This week Sophia's choice was "'tatoes beans pease", so we duly obliged.  A delicious, nutritious meal for about 80p each.

Although Steve and I may have supplemented ours with a nice of glass of wine each...  It was a Bank Holiday after all!  And Barefoot Rose at £4.99 a bottle, half price, is certainly not to be sniffed at!

Our Morrison's shop has actually kept us going all week, with dinners including fajitas, mezze and a (nut) roast dinner with some very delicious new season Jersey Royal potatoes.  We did manage a picnic in the end during a warm, sunny day on the beautiful beach at West Wittering.  We've even been back to Morrisons to stock up on those super cheap, good quality berries - and the 49p Jammie Dodgers!


  1. Those pancakes look lovely. You certainly found some bargains. Love the idea of getting the kids to pick a meal

  2. Lovely meals! Clotted cream doesn't look like clotted cream at all, very odd.

  3. Wonderful meals! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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