Review: Quorn Products #vegetarian

You have probably spotted Mo Farah competing with Usain Bolt during the ad breaks, one fronting a certain multi-media giant, the other Quorn meat-free products, especially mince.  As a high protein, low fat product, Quorn is ideal for those looking to cut calories and increase nutrition without sacrificing flavour or switching their usual meals.  Quorn isn't just for us vegetarians, as carnivores can significantly cut their fat and calorie intake just by swapping meat for a Quorn product at least once a week.

Quorn was launched in 1985 and is now sold in 16 countries worldwide, and is available as both a cooking ingredient and a range of ready meals.  The brand has been praised for the nutritional value of its products as they are high in protein and low in fat, making it a great alternative to meat and a tool for the fitness conscious.

I must admit we don't tend to buy many Quorn products, so I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to try the range out for this review.  As the weather has perked up so, we decided to have a sort of barbecue dinner over the weekend and bought some frozen Quorn sausages and burgers.  The sausages are available in bags of 8 or 12, and can be cooked on the hob, under the grill or in the oven.  I was very impressed with the nutritional information on the back of the packet:

  • naturally low in saturated fat, which helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels;
  • high in protein, which helps maintain normal bones and muscle mass, hence those athlete claims;
  • a source of fibre.


The sausages needed just a tiny amount of oil to cook and brown well in the pan, and they made great hot dogs!  The smalls had theirs with a few chunky chips and some beans, but Lara didn't like the sausages much, although Sophia liked hers.  Steve was really impressed with the almost meaty texture and tucked in with gusto to his sausage manwich, above.

The burgers needed to be brushed with oil, but were then cooked in the oven and came out really well too.  They were really yummy and we added lots of fun toppings like gherkin, onions, lettuce, relish and slices of tomato to make them real gourmet burgers.  The girls thought this was a hoot and have asked to do it again soon.  We did need lots of serviettes to hand though with these stuffed towers!

I was amazed with the number of fresh meals and products in the Quorn range, and I can see that they would be great for any veggies missing their meat, or for meat eaters looking for a change with added health benefits.  For me, over 30 years a vegetarian, the texture of meat is not something I miss or enjoy, but I thought I would give the mince a go in the ready-made Quorn lasagne for 2.  Although it was seasoned well and had a good flavour, with nicely defined layers of pasta, 'meat' and sauce, the Quorn mince was too meat-like for me, but by the same token the 'meatiness' was what made part-time veggie Steve like it all the more.

I would therefore recommend the lasagne and the Quorn mince to anyone looking for a swap from their usual high fat meat products, and for vegetarians who don't mind the meat texture, but I think I'll be sticking with the burgers for now - I wonder if we can get even more in our buns next time!!

Have a look at the extensive Quorn range in both the fresh and frozen aisles in your local store, I bet you'll be amazed.


  1. I was a vegetarian for a while as a teen, infact I only started eating meat again when I was pregnant with my first and started back on chicken and bacon. I always use the veggie mince, I much prefer the texture, and have recently started using the quorn chicken again in my meals. I regularly serve quorn in family meals and everyone enjoys it!

  2. I love quorn and often buy the ready meals or the chunks, mince and steak forms for cooking with!


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