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We were recently sent £80 of Morrisons vouchers to do our shopping with over the Bank Holiday weekend, and invited by BritMums to become one of the #MorrisonsMums.  We do have a Morrisons in town, but I must admit I don't usually shop there as the parking is charged at £3.50 an hour (refundable in store, but I never have that much change on me), the store is not very clean or well-stocked, and the staff have been very rude and unhelpful in the past.  So I decided to try out the new store which has been built a few miles away in Littlehampton.  This one features Morrisons signature mister spray vegetable counters and is all very shiny and new, with friendly helpful staff.  What a relief!

Morrisons launched a new price cut initiative last week which saw the cost of more than 1200 products slashed, including big brands like Hovis, Coke and Tate & Lyle as well as own brand products.  The average price reduction will be 17%.  Just look out for the yellow 'I'm Cheaper' stickers and labels in store.

So, Morrisons asked, could we do our normal shop and compare the value and quality to that from our regular supermarket.  There is only one problem with that for us in that we don't do a regular 'big weekly shop', rather a medium sized one every few days with top ups of this and that in between.  Usually we spend the most at Sainsbury's, followed by Waitrose, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.  Of course, like many of us, I would love to frequent farmers' markets and artisan shops every day, but the reality is usually a supermarket at 7am or 9pm, or popping in for a few bits when out and about doing something else.

I would say we spend heading towards £150 a week, including cat food, cleaning and laundry products, toiletries etc.  Probably the biggest spend is on fruit, vegetables and salad, we get through an astonishing amount and can easily spend £30 in that section before we even make it into the supermarket proper.  I was intrigued to see how this would be at Morrisons, if the price cuts would work for us.  So, accompanied by Sophia, my little shopping companion, I hit the aisles of Morrisons armed with my meal plan and shopping list.

I was impressed by how much we got for our £80, well actually £85.30, I went a bit over!  It's hard to compare directly as I don't really have a regular list of things I buy every week, but I definitely don't think I would have got this much for the same amount of money at my usual shops.  I will need to buy more fruit, salad and veg in a few days' time, and we already have lots of basics like beans, pasta, rice etc in the cupboards.  So I think this week's total shopping bill will come in at around £130, a bit cheaper than usual.

Here's a look at everything we got divided into cupboard, fridge, bakery, salad, vegetable and fruit sections:

I thought it might be useful to give you my general impressions on the produce we bought, so here are my thoughts divided into the good and the not so good:

  • Fresh fruit & veg all looked very fresh and lovely, and there was an excellent variety in everything bar potatoes.
  • Everyday fruit and veg, like broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapples was very cheap, coming in at 49/50p each using the offers available. Great value.
  • I loved the salad and herbs available on the mister counters, great idea to keep in peak condition. I got an amazing bunch of radishes for £1.29, perfect for salads and crudite platters this week.
  • Berries only 99p a punnet, amazing bargain!  And they stayed fresh for a couple of days.
  • Some things were incredibly cheap, e.g. the girls beloved Jammie Dodgers which I had paid £1.39 per packet for elsewhere the day before were 49p in Morrisons!

  • There wasn't much organic produce available, either in fruit or veg or elsewhere.
  • Peppers were only available individually at 79p each, rather than in better value multi-packs which we usually buy.
  • When I got home I noticed that a couple of the potatoes in the bag I'd picked up were already sprouting, and some of the tomatoes I'd bought were very, very soft when used in a salad the next day.  One of the packets of pitta bread we bought was mouldy when we went to use it the next day, even though it was still in date by 2 days.
  • There was limited choice in branded ranges, only 2 or 3 choices rather than the 5 or 6 in my usual supermarkets.
  • Quite a few things had a very close expiry date on them, and even rooting about at the back of the shelf didn't reveal any longer expiry dates.

You can read about what we did with some of the contents of our very full fridge in this post!


Oh, and this is the effect food shopping had on my little helper, ssshhh....


  1. I'm a #morrisonsmum too, and we went on Saturday. I had never seen or heard of those misters before. They were so cool!

  2. That parking is steep! And it's the sort of thing we always forget to claim back! Like you, found big improvement in the new larger store.... staff were incredibly helpful, generally as cheap or cheaper than most of the comparable, meat and staples excellent but share the same sues with some of the veg! # MorrisonsMum.

  3. I did find organic food in our store, and looks smaller than yours. I imagine its supply and demand. I fill in the what would you like to see slips at supermarkets. I would like Morrisons to make the free range eggs cheaper. I love the mister only in a store 11 miles away, I used to travel to that one before. Gutted I did not spot the Jammie Dodgers!! I got the Shreddies for 15p with a £1 off coupon and the fab toffee pudding.

  4. Thanks for the feedback on your Morrisons experience. Love the adorable photo at the end. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  5. Sorry if this comes through twice, I clicked on your bloglovin badge to follow you on there and I'm not sure my comment had already gone through !

    I love how full your fridge is ! Your shopping companion is also incredibly cute, especially all shopped out at the end ! Paying for parking is a pain, especially at that price, even if it is reimbursed - ouch ! Great to see what everyone else got with their vouchers :)


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