Book Review: Zoe and Beans - Pirate Treasure!

The girls adore their collection of Zoe and Beans books, so were delighted when a new title plopped on to the door mat this morning.  Especially when they saw it was accompanied by REAL pirate treasure!!

Father and daughter partnership Chloe and Mick Inkpen have hit upon the perfect combination of drawings, characters and storylines in this hit series from Macmillan Children's Books, which has sold over 60,000 copies!  Having created the much-loved Kipper and Wibbly Pig series, Mick Inkpen brings his unique style to the pastel-hued stories of Zoe, her dog Beans, and best friend Oscar.  While his daughter Chloe, who grew up surrounded by picture books, falls naturally into the storytelling role.

In this new adventure, it's summertime and the sun is shining, so Zoe, Beans, Oscar, and Oscar's little sister, Evie, are off on a trip to the seaside.  Armed with buckets and spades, they are ready to search for buried pirate treasure, but unfortunately that's not an easy task.  Luckily Beans thinks he can sniff some out...

This is the perfect summer story for children aged 18 months and up, and ideal for taking on summer holidays, or pirate adventures!  It's a sunny, fun tale of seaside adventures and play on the beach which will appeal to all children.  And the best bit is that no adults ever feature in the tales, the focus is purely on the children and their beloved dog, pottering about and finding their way through the story together.  Perfect for toddlers finding their way in the world!

A big 10 out of 10 from all of us.

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  1. My little boy is really into pirates at the moment, we have gold coins hidden everywhere! Luckily my hubby can draw really impressive treasure maps


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