Review: Dove Men+Care and Radox Gifts #fathersday #RealDadMoments

Recently, getting 'smellies' as a gift has become a bit of a cliche, but I'm not sure why.  After all, we all need to take showers and baths, wash and groom, so why not be given nice things to do it with?  Luckily, the husband is always up for a nice smelly or two, so that's his Christmas stocking easily sorted!  As part of his Father's Day stash, he has received some goodies from Dove Men+Care and Radox.

Steve uses Radox shower gel most of the time, liking the fragrances and effectiveness, as well as the fact that it seems to last ages.  I don't think he had tried the 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel before though, and he is really impressed with it.  Scented with a refreshing combination of fennel and sea minerals, it has an uplifiting, 'male' scent, guaranteed to make dads ready to take on the day, whatever the smalls might throw at them!

Dove Men+Care is a new one for Steve, I don't think he has tried any of their products before.  The set he has been sent contains a Clean Comfort Body & Face Wash, and a Clean Comfort Deodorant.  The shower gel contains innovative micromoisture technology to help combat dry skin, definitely a boon for a man who eschews body lotion until he flakes!!  It smells lush, too.

The deodorant combines 48 hour protection against odour, and comes in one of the new compressed cans, so it's better for the environment but also great to throw in a sports bag for the gym, or a rucksack for a day out.  It will certainly keep him dry and smelling fresh when chasing our ferals around!

Recent research commissioned by Dove Men+Care has revealed that 80% of dads feel that their role is overlooked by the media.  So they are encouraging us all to remember how important dads are and to share some special dad moments on social media with the hash tag #RealDadMoments.  A selection will be shown on their website

For inspiration on all those special 'Dad!' moments, have a look at this lovely video:

With both of us working part-time and sharing the childcare, as well as lots of 'all of us together' time, there are certainly lots of calls for Daddy in our house. What about yours?