Review: Father's Day Gifts from Aldi #fathersday

Aldi has lots of great gifts for Father's Day in store, starting from just £2.69.  Steve has been sent a selection to review, including some classic slippers (£4.99); lounge pants (£6.99) and hankies (£2.69).  All are available in store at Aldi now.

The slippers are fantastic quality for a great price.  They have thick, flexible soles with a decent grip, and an upper of thick cord with well-stitched binding.  Steve has not fared well with slippers in the past, finding the cheaper ones fall apart fairly quickly, but these are such good quality they are going to last for ages.  I'm reliably informed they are very comfortable and cosy too, so perfect for walking on cold wooden floors during these chillier evenings we've been having.  No excuses for not doing the washing up then!

In our house we tend to adhere to the Russian tradition of 'house clothes', meaning you only get dressed in your proper outside clothes when you're about to go out, so on some days loungewear is the order of the day for much of our awake hours.  That means good 'veg' wear is essential.  (Not meaning - ahem - 'meat and two veg' as my poor mum thought at one time!!)

These lovely cotton lounge pants from Aldi are perfect for wearing around the house and in bed, as they are lightweight and hang nicely so don't get twisted round your legs in the middle of the night.  Here's himself modelling them!  A glimpse of slipper there too, and a cat tail!

The cute shades of these luxury cotton handkerchieves mean they would look great in the pocket of Steve's grey wedding suit, so we may have to put one or two by for 'best'.  The only problem they very quickly got seized on by two little girls for dolly blankets...  Good luck getting those back, Steve!

The range of Father's Day gifts is in store at Aldi now, with gadgets, accessories, clothes, and a variety of other gizmos and treats, all at fantastic value for money prices.  Let me know what you buy!


  1. I have got my fella those He's had them before from Shoezone and they cost about £8! Such a great price x


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