Review: Lalaloopsy Littles Spoons Waffle Cone

You can't have failed to miss talk of Lara's beloved Lalaloopsies on Attachment Mummy, including the recent release of the Lalaloopsy Ponies DVD.  Lara absolutely adores these ragdoll-based dolls and has an ever-expanding collection.  There are so many available that we never seem to run out of choices when she has saved up a few weeks' pocket money.  She especially loves the details of each one's clothes, personality and back story, and absorbs every minute detail Topps Trumps style!

In a further expansion to the Lalaloopsy range this season are four new adorable Lalaloopsy™ Littles characters.  Lalaloopsy™ Littles are the younger siblings of the original Lalaloopsy™ dolls and are about half the size.  Each doll comes with a cute pet, just like their big sisters, and has a unique personality based on the fabric they were made from, and the day they were made.

Lara has been sent a Spoons Waffle Cone™ to play with, and she has of course been completely adored from the moment she opened the packaging!  Spoons is the little sister of Scoops Waffle Cone, a character Lara is already very familiar with and loves.

Spoons was made from ice cream and, like all the Lalaloopsies, magically came to life when her last stitch was sewn.  (If you are asking how one sews ice cream, I think you may be over 12 and have missed the point ;-))  Spoons loves anything with sprinkles on it, rather like a certain ice cream and cupcake-obsessed little girl I know...  And when she's eating ice cream, she always tries to use a big girl spoon, but usually makes a huge mess!  She was sewn on 23rd July, Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

Lara immediately began swapping Spoon's clothes with some of her other Littles, introducing them to each other, and playing out an elaborate game in Lalaloopsy Land.  She also interacts with a wide selection of teddies and cuddly toys, and went to a party with some My Little Ponies, a rather ancient Action Man and some Star Wars figures the other day.  So, despite being quite obviously girly dolls, it's how you play with the thing that counts!

Lalaloopsy toys always get a huge thumbs up from us, and this new addition to the cute Littles range is no exception, now we just have to collect the other three...  Perfect dolls for any child from age 4 up.  Even Sophia got a turn:

The other three new characters available are:

- Tiny Might™ was sewn from a hero's cape. She loves to leap off of her bed and jump over her pet hedgehog. She uses her favourite beach towel as a cape even though it's a little long and sometimes she trips on it. She was sewn on 25th September (National Comic Book Day).

- Mimi La Sweet™ was sewn from the pieces of a Duchess' dress. She loves bite sized cupcakes and mini donuts. Her favourite thing is wearing her princess clothes and practicing the perfect curtsey. She was sewn on 14th October (National Dessert Day).

- Twirly Figure Eight™ was sewn from an ice skater's costume. She loves seeing her breath when it's cold outside. Her big trick is skating in a circle, but sometimes she gets a little dizzy. She was sewn on 1st February (First Day of National Ice Skating Month).

Lalaloopsy™ Littles are suitable for ages four years plus, priced at around £14.99, and available from all good retailers nationwide.