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Luxury Australian bed linen company Sheridan are expanding their ranges, and their foothold in the UK, with a new branch opened in Braintree, Essex just this weekend.  If there isn't a stand alone store near you, a selection of their gorgeous products can usually be found in House of Fraser, Fenwicks and Selfridges stores.  Known for their beautiful and luxurious bed linens, Sheridan also offer towels, home accessories, baby linens and products, and are launching a new loungewear range in August.  I went along to their Press Day a few weeks ago to have a look.

Held in the auspicious surroundings of the newly refurbished and recently re-opened Cafe Royal Hotel at the bottom of Regent Street, this promised to be a lovely way to while away an hour or so, especially when I was offered a manicure as soon as I stepped through the door.  Having left Steve and all three girls at my mum's in Buckinghamshire whilst I leapt on the train to the Big Smoke, the prospect of sitting down in peace and quiet and being pampered nearly blew me away.  Nails duly painted a bright fuchsia, I set off for a look round the displays - and mentally took note to book a stay at the Cafe Royal sometime!  Just look at this bath, complete with a birds' eye view of Piccadilly Circus no less:

But I digress.  Hanging on the towel rack in stunning bathroom no.1 were a selection of sumptuous, ultra thick and ultra absorbent towels in a muted palate of mink and cream, with a contrasting mix of sable and nutmeg elsewhere.  We are in the market for new towels and these have jumped straight to the top of the list, they are so scrumptious.  Just the kind of towel you want to snuggle into after a long soak in bubbles.


In contrast to the neutral tones, I loved this striking arrangement of some of the coloured towels Sheridan offer.  Using contrasting colours in a bathroom is such a simple idea, but so unusual, after all most of us just go for one or two colours and tonal shades.  I love the juxtaposition of these clashing shades, which just somehow work.  Genius idea.

If you know the Sheridan brand, the first thing that springs to mind are their beautiful fabric prints, used for bed linens, cushion and pillow covers, throws etc, and the new range did not disappoint.  The only problem anyone would have is choosing just which beautiful design to go for...

This beautiful azure blue design is reminiscent of paisley swirls and peacock displays, and is produced in a silky cotton sateen.  It's just stunning.  Have a look at the close-ups below:

Or how about this wonderful tropical mix of coral and muted dusky blues and greys?  Evoking memories of palm-fringed beaches and exotic, heavenly-scented flowers, this one is sure to elicit a smile on a rainy Autumn day.

I love how the designers and stylists are thinking outside the conventional box, just like with the towels, and mixing two different patterns with stripes, plains and textures.  It shouldn't work really, but it most definitely does.  Just stunning.

If you thought the grown-up ranges were difficult to resist, just wait till you see the uber-cute children's range, with adorable little cushions like these anchor and dog ones for the boys, although they wouldn't look out fo place in many a chic interior.  How about the anchor one for a seaside or beach hut themed room?

For the girls there is a sampler print, which looks so real that you have to touch it to find out that it isn't in fact textured (me and 2 PRs!); and this utterly adorable goose holding an umbrella print.  Forget the girls, I think most women under 80 will be seriously coveting that!

The baby range features super-soft blankets, a new range of sleeping bags, and soft cot linens in pretty dark pastel tones.  I must confess to falling completely head over heels in love with the beautiful pink cashmere receiving blanket, I even love the name of its colour: Marshmallow.  Just gorgeous, and such an heirloom piece.

Finally, after much cooing over the gorgeousness of my beloved blanket, I moved on to the loungewear range, which launches in the UK in August.  Featuring softly draped tops and trousers, with luxurious cashmere knits, I couldn't help but think how wonderful they would be for breastfeeding mamas cocooned on the sofa.  Such lovely colours too, perfect additions to any wardrobe.


The Australian styling really came through in the menswear I thought, you could just imagine your regular Aussie or New Zealander guy hanging out at the beach or the bar in the soft cotton and linen pull-on pants paired with lightweight jerseys, tees and shirts.  Perfect clothing for leaping on and off boats, hanging out at the beach or in the garden, and with fantastic lightweight, layering potential for travelling.  I'll have to get Steve to stock up before we go on holiday!


After all that luxury and fun, it was time for me to return to Mummydom, but not without stocking up on a few complimentary sweets for the girls, which went down a storm.

I was also given a beautiful beach towel, which has quickly been put into use on the beach and the balcony by Lara and Sophia.

You can find out more about Sheridan's ranges on their UK website where you can currently register to receive £10 credit against your first order.  Keep an eye out for the new loungewear and bedding ranges which launch in August 2014.

You can also follow Sheridan on Facebook and Twitter.


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