The World of Work

A cousin of Steve's has just finished university and entered the big wide world of job-hunting.  There are plenty of jobs out there, but unfortunately not the kind of thing he wants and did his training for.  No news there then!  But unlike many who graduated when I did, happy to take any job, he has chosen to sign on in the hope of finding his perfect job in the future.  I find this very difficult to understand.

The ridiculous image of jobs being 'stolen' by European immigrants is laughable and, after the UKIP success in the European elections, somewhat terrifying at the same time.  I cannot imagine who believes this jingoistic nonsense, but someone out there must.  There are plenty of jobs around, but very few graduates will want to be picking cabbages in the fields at 5am or 8pm, come rain or shine; nor it seems will they take the shop, fast-food and supermarket jobs.  Having been fed the lie of the necessity of a university education, whatever the subject, by successive governments, it seems today's graduates are just too picky.

Having worked non-stop for 25 years from the age of 13, even working a 30+ hour a week job throughout my university years, I find this very odd.  Believe me I did pretty much everything, in a variety of towns, cities and even countries!  Paper rounds, shop work, kitchen jobs, theatre front of house, office work, PR and marketing, headhunting and recruitment, publishing, even finally teaching!  My 'career' was a many-chequered path, but it paid the bills, paid for travel and it was fun!

Almost all my jobs were found by stomping the streets CV in hand, but the Internet makes the search even easier, especially with sites like City Calling.  Now we just need to persuade Damien to turn off the PlayStation and get browsing!  I've even managed to find some jobs in transport, his area of expertise.  Let's hope he can be persuaded to apply for something, even if it's not his 'dream' job!