Top Up their Uniform for the Summer Term at School

With the May half term just around the corner, and the weather (hopefully) picking up, the summer term at school can be a fun one. There’s more opportunity for the kids to enjoy playtimes outside without getting drenched, and sports days and outdoor PE sessions become regular occurrences.

As the summer season approaches, the school uniform requirements will change a little. Not only will your little ones likely be growing out of the things they have been wearing since September, but the change in temperature means that much of their stuff will be too warm to wear for day-to-day schooling. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to pop down to ASDA George and pick up a few bits and pieces that are a little more seasonal. But, what do you need? After all, you won’t want to be spending a fortune on uniform when they’ll only be in it until July!

Uniform Essentials

When they’re at primary school, the boys tend to be happy in their trousers and polo shirts, but you could always invest in a pair of shorts if they would like some. If they attend a school where button-up shirts are expected, there are short-sleeved ones available that will help to keep them cool and comfortable. Other than that, on hot summer days, they could leave their school jumper at home. Meanwhile, girls have the option to wear the gorgeous gingham summer dresses and, at George, you can buy them for as little as £4 (complete with matching scrunchie!). Team with a matching headband and some pretty white socks and your little clever clogs will look super cute.

It may be a good time to invest in a new pair of school shoes, too. Chances are the ones they have are incredibly scuffed from all the rough and tumble playtimes, and while it may seem like a waste of money buying a new pair now, you don’t have to spend a lot and they can also be worn for any smart summer occasions such as weddings and christenings.

PE Kits

Ask at school to see if there are any extra items that the children need for summer sports. As the weather improves, they will probably have the chance to enjoy PE outside and, if this is the case, they will need something other than plimsolls. Trainers may have to be added to your shopping list!

Children may also have the chance to join some extra-curricular activities, such as football or karate – make sure that they have all the necessary kit for whatever sports that they do, such as football boots and shin pads.

Remember that some of the uniform that you buy now may still fit when they return to school after the summer holidays, so if you’re careful about what you buy (and possibly buy things in the next size up if they’re between sizes), the clothes will last them until next year anyway!

Buying the essentials from George at ASDA won’t break the bank and will help to kit your child out until the autumn term, so that they can look great and keep cool at school this summer.

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  1. Asda is the only uniform shop I've found that my super tall yet skinny boy can fit into! Everywhere has hook & eye openings and they're no good for him


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