Monday, 7 July 2014

A Fantastic New World Awaits 8-14 Year Olds #lostworlddiaries

I am delighted to introduce you to an exciting new range of adventure novels for tweens and young teens.  A whole new virtual world awaits - as well as the chance to win VIP tickets to a Christmas party and a free short story!  Read on...

Every once in a while a book series comes along that offers something different, fun and educational. A new adventure series from Ramp Publishing is offering the first truly interactive novels and virtual world for 8-14 year olds.

As we all know it can be hard to pull our kids away from the tablet or computers and they are becoming more and more comfortable in an on-line world making it a challenge getting them to read traditional books. Well now a book series is combining the best of both worlds, a traditional book series and a corresponding virtual world. The Lost World Diaries is an adventure series kind of in the old Narnia style however now as we read along passages in the novels will open up games and quests in the virtual world. Kids can build their own rooms, chat with friends and discover new worlds that can only be accessed by reading the books.

Author Rick Momsen states:

"We wanted to develop an entire world that melded traditional reading and the incredible advances in virtual worlds to create an environment that kid’s love and promote reading in a fun, interactive and safe way."

Ramp Publishing and a group of experienced designers and programmers, that have worked with Disney and Nintendo, to name a few, have joined forces to have the first book in the series and virtual world launched for Christmas 2014.


The Lost World Diaries is about two young adventurers, Alex and Dean that discover a mysterious world and with the help of the Baron and Ickbald, Frederick the owl and Wilham the giant, friendly polar bear they set off on great adventures to different worlds. The first novel is set in a towering castle that can only be reached by a long precarious bridge held above the valley floor by thousands of multi-colored bubbles. Inside there’s a grand library where Frederick the owl will introduce short stories and new novels that will open secret lands within the virtual world. Each new novel unlocks a new virtual world and the adventures continue.

With a new novel set to be launched every six months and short stories unlocking secret rooms, games and adventures set to be released in between it looks like there should be years of great reading and adventures ahead.

Have a look at this video for a sneak peek:

The Lost World Diaries are launching a Kickstarter campaign today, July 7, which allows us to get a sneak peak at the new book series, as well as a fantastic offer to pre-purchase the books and join the virtual world at a great price now. Also, tell them you heard about it from us and win VIP tickets to the virtual world Christmas party at the castle for your kids in addition to a free short story. If you want to get involved with the Lost World Diaries now you’ll have a great Christmas present for your kids in December that will promise them years of great reading and adventures.

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  1. I am a mum of a thirteen and a nine yr old, and I am always looking for great books that will keep them interested. This sounds awesome! Thanks so much for reviewing something for this age group.


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