Competitive Parents Train Up for School Sports Day

Sports Day at my school was always slightly dreaded by us teachers, with the pushy parents rather too enthusiastically encouraging little Cody or Spencer from the sidelines, the worst of them even attempting to run alongside as we did the bean bag relay or whatever. But worse still was the parents' race. Arguments about technique, possible reasons for disqualification, and fierce competitiveness all being rife. A nightmare! One particular dad, Jean-Paul, a keen runner, was the worst of the lot. Training for weeks beforehand, honing his technique, and taking it all oh so seriously. Woe betide if he didn't win, the full Gallic temper would come to the fore!

After research into the competitive parent phenomenon, reveals today that the battle to win ‘Parent’s Race’ has sent sales of Adult Racing Sacks jumping up 263% in the last month!

Ever since David and Victoria Beckham took part in their son's school’s parent relay race last year, the anticipation of Sports Day has seen parents preparing months in advance to impress their kids and beat fellow mums and dads. has seen the following increases in sales:

  • Sales of Adult Racing Sacks are up by 263% month on month
  • In order to beat their personal best, sales of stopwatches are up 221% month on month
  • To improve accuracy, parents have been buying ring toss sets – up 142% month on month
  • Extending the trend to the family picnic, rounders kits are also up 1,100% month on month

“As the popularity of the ‘Parent’s Race’ continues, it appears that parents are now going the extra mile to impress on Sports Day,” commented Xavier Garambois, Vice President of EU Retail at Amazon. “Don’t be surprised to see parents practicing the sack race in their back garden or training with an egg and spoon in the local park.”

“Whether you’re encouraging your children to be the next Andy Murray or see yourself as the next Judy Murray, Sports Day is a great motivator for all the family to get fit and have fun together,” commented Ian Bradley, Sports & Outdoors Store at Ltd.

Not all parents are quite as successful on the field as they might like, and for those that fall at the first hurdle, First Aid Kits have also risen 11% month on month.

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