Family Holidays – The Stuff Of Dreams, Or Nightmares?

It’s summer – hooray! The sun may be shining (for the most part) here in the UK, but a lot of us have grand plans to go a little further afield, and that’s great (if not a little stressful!). When you’re planning a perfect holiday for you and the family sometimes it can seem a little easier to eliminate the whole ‘family’ thing from the equation. But unfortunately, you can’t – it’s called a family holiday, after all! So, with about six million and one other things on your plate, just how do you go about making sure everything goes to plan?

Sort Finances

Of course, every parent wants to provide the absolute best experience for their child, but you don’t necessarily need to teach your children at a young age that wealth equates to happiness. Providing you plan effectively, any trip can be amazing, no matter your budget. Remember, live within your means, and everything will be okay. Order foreign money in advance, let the banks know if you’re going abroad (but find out any fees!) and think about getting hold of a pre-paid currency card. Finally, if you do get stuck, have a network back home you can rely on. Azimo is a great service allowing you to receive money anywhere in the world very cheaply – perfect for if things do fall through in an emergency!

Think Health & Safety

Just because you’re on holiday from work or other responsibilities, it doesn’t mean your parental duties should be neglected, by any stretch of the imagination. Stranger danger? It still applies. Having eyes in the back of your head? Yep, still every bit as applicable, if not more so! Of course you want your kids to integrate with new people and experience a new culture. But what you don’t want is them to not appreciate that if somewhere is unfamiliar to them, they should proceed with caution. Additionally, purchase travel insurance before your trip, as sadly, there’s no NHS elsewhere. You should probably grab an E111 (European Health Insurance) card too, depending on your destination, and finally, brush up on some local language skills. The only thing more terrifying than your little one being admitted to hospital halfway across the world is not having a clue what’s going on.

Read Reviews & Recommendations

Sometimes, the resort just does not look like the pictures. Avoid disasters by making friends with websites like Trip Advisor before you jet off, to read unbiased reviews and see candid pics. Yes, some will read like they’ve been written by a crazy person with WAY too much fixation on trivial stuff (which they will showcase in countless photos of the ceiling), but it could also prove invaluable. If you’re going to be travelling often, it may even be worth considering buying somewhere. Tenerife Estate Agents have lots of gorgeous properties available to families, a heck of a lot cheaper than you’d ever get here at home. Plus, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.


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