Get a Head Start on Back to School

Wow, the year rolls around quickly, doesn't it?  I've been doing Christmas the past couple of weeks, not too bad this week, but eating mince pies when it was bright sunshine, blue skies and 25+ degrees last week was weird!  The magazines work a few months in advance, so they write their Christmas issues now, hence CiJ.  Of course us bloggers are usually more instant than that, but we are beavering away now on articles that won't see the light of day until November/December.  And I've certainly got some good ones for you!

So yes, summer and Christmas go together like chalk and cheese, but on the other hand the kids haven't even broken up form school yet and the shops are stocking their back to school ranges!  Organised parents can certainly get some great bargains with all the special offers and low prices.  Whether it's pencil cases, PE kits, lunchboxes or uniform basics, there is lots to be had for a great price.  But if your children are anything like mine, growing at an exponential but somewhat erratic rate, you can't be quite sure what size they will be when September comes around.

I was really impressed to hear from a friend about the 'one stop school shop' that George at Asda offer.  With everything you could possibly need, from blazers, jumpers and shirts to shoes, underwear and sports kit, the one stop shop concept will tick everything off your list in one go.  They also offer a 100 day guarantee so if that growth spurt hasn't quite happened, or it's spanned two sizes instead of one, you can always exchange it for a different size.  And of course, the 100 day guarantee also covers any problems that may arise.

Not only does the George at Asda one stop shop offer great value, it is also a time saver, and with the 100 day guarantee you have peace of mind too.  Just what busy mums and dads need.  Why not get stocked up now for September, so you can enjoy the long summer holiday with the kids?  And just think how smug you'll be able to feel when the last days of August roll round and all the other parents are panic-buying! ;-)