Look Out for Kate and Mim-Mim!

New series Kate & Mim-Mim begins this afternoon on CBeebies.  The first episode, Rip Roaring Race, will air at 5.30pm, but we've had a sneak preview so we can tell you all about it!

Based on a real little girl, Kate & Mm-Mim follows the whimsical adventures of 5 year old Kate and her best friend Mim-Mim, her toy bunny who magically comes to life.  Mim-Mim transforms into a larger-than-life playmate as they venture to the fantasy world of Mimiloo, where they solve challenges and have adventures with a variety of friends, like gardener Gobble and inventor Tack.  Bright and colourful Mimiloo is a magical world where anything can happen, and it features wonderful lands such as The Singing Sea, the Forever Forest and Bubble Bubble Brook.

Each episode explores themes of friendship, adventure and problem solving, with Kate having power and strength that she is perhaps lacking in real life, but gets to practice and try out in fantastical Mimiloo.  Kate and Mim-Mim work together to problem solve and overcome obstacles, encouraging their young audience to use their imagination, resourcefulness and team work to do the same.

CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow, says:

"We can't wait to welcome Kate & Mim-Mim to CBeebies to share the magical world of Mimiloo with our young viewers.  As children are transported to a land of wintery waterfalls, fluttering forests and singing seas, we hope they'll discover a little bit about friendship, caring and teamwork along the way!"

Kate & Mim-Mim is the creation of husband and wife team Scott and Julie Stewart who based the eponymous Kate on their own little ball of energy and her cuddly bunny, and also sought the help of their two sons in creating the magical, brightly coloured world of Mimiloo.  Julie says that Kate is "every-girl" with a big imagination and big ideas.

"She can do anything - pilot a flying flower, hunt for crystals, restore colour to the world - or be anything, from an astronaut to a pirate to a magician.  Kids will identify with her and, most importantly, dream along with her.  They'll also love Kate and Mim-Mim's special, supportive relationship.  whenever Mim-Mim is nervous, Kate gently helps him find courage, and Mim-Mim always has a big bunny hug for Kate right when she needs it."

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The first episode features an exciting car race in Mimiloo, after Kate and her dad are seen setting up a race track in their garden.  In their haste to be the winner of the race, unfortunately, none of the friends have taken the time to check their cars, but luckily Mim-Mim checked his - and included some great special features to help his friends.  This episode is a great introduction to the series and portrays a lovely lesson in working as a team, but without being overly preachy or patronising.  Top marks for that!

Lara loved the concept straight away, and immediately grabbed a toy bunny to watch it with her!  I was a little unimpressed at first, finding the bright, computer-generated graphics a bit too much, but have come round to the style now (the episode has been on repeat here!)  I prefer a gentler animation style, but this bright, colourful world obviously appeals to toddlers and pre-schoolers like Sophia and Lara, even Tatiana has been watching it!  I think Lara is going to enjoy the series and we will be watching out for it on CBeebies this week.

"I like how the bunny comes real and they have an adventure.
It's good bright colours and I like purple."
Lara, aged 4

We even got to pretend to be Kate and Mim-Mim, courtesy of some rather fab purple bunny ears!

The 5 episodes being shown this week are:

Monday: Rip Roaring Race

Tuesday: The Need For Seed

Wednesday: A Case Of The Giggles

Thursday: Hiccups & Night Fun

Friday: Balloon Buddies

Look out for Kate & Mim-Mim at 5.30pm every afternoon on CBeebies.

Find out more about Kate & Mim-Mim on their Facebook page.