Romantic Moments

I am delighted to be taking part in My Single Friend's Romantic Rendezvous Competition, as it brings back memories of my online dating career.  I say career because, being so determined to find the right man and have smalls, that was how I treated it in the end - and it worked!  I didn't use My Single Friend myself, but know of a couple of friends who have been very successful on there.  In case you haven't heard of it, you ask a friend to write your profile for you, on the basis that they know you best.  Great idea, and great fun!

However, on to the competition.  Romantic moments can be few and far between when a mortgage, bills, jobs and children enter the mix, but the old man and I do manage a few moments here and there.  Things like leaving my tea cup out in the morning, tea bag ready and little note beside it; buying his favourite chocolate bar and hiding it in the bag of shopping I ask him to put away; I even get the odd bunch of flowers here and there.

But I'm sure our most romantic moments were on our first holiday together, to the Greek island of Santorini, possibly the most romantic place on Earth.  Lots of romantic hand in hand strolls, cocktails at dusk, gazing in eyes dinners, a sunset boat trip, lazy afternoons in our own private pool, watching the stunningly beautiful sunset every night, all that stuff.  But one moment topped it all - he proposed.

We had been together 7 or 8 months and Steve had already moved in, so we knew it was probably for keeps, but you can never be quite sure.  So on the evening towards the end of the holiday, when he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I burst into tears.  Joy?  Relief?  Maybe a combination of the two ;-)  But at a lovely restaurant overlooking the caldera as the sun set in all its multi-coloured glory, it couldn't have been a more perfect romantic moment.

That was 19th August 2008, and a year to the day later we were married.  It hardly seems that long ago, and of course much has changed, not least of it 3 more cats and 3 children!  But even if we don't get the chance for much romance these days, no dinners a deux or luxury hotel breaks, reminsicing over the memories of all that romance under the Santorini sun is a good way to re-connect.

What's your most romantic moment?  And what does everyday romance look like in your home?

If you write a blog and would like to write about your romantic moments - and stand the chance of winning one of  3 prizes of ASOS vouchers, worth up to £150 - send me an email - - but be quick, the competition ends on Friday!


  1. there has never been any romance in my relationship, with the best intentions things tend to go wrong, my dad ruined my engagement, a relative died on our wedding day, all these great moments never go as planned so we kind of gave up


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