Technology and the Acer Iconia W4 Tablet

Remember this?!
Ah technology, you fickle, raring beast!  We were amazed by the ZX Spectrum in the early '80s, connected to your little portable telly with that incredible tennis game, or snooker (in black and white!)  Within a short few years, home and office computers were the norm, mobile phones an essential of modern life.  Whilst floppy disks evolved into CD-Roms, into memory sticks, and woah the great and glorious Internet, computers got smaller and smaller, and the touch screen technology we had marveled at became the norm, even in mini computers in the palm of your hand.  The smartphone was born.

Regular readers will know that I have thus far avoided the whole smartphone thing, but I have embraced the wonders of the tablet computer wholeheartedly.  Perfect for in front of TV blogging or social media-ing, perfectly portable for events and trips away, and so simple to use even I can cope with it!  But the tablet I have, although less than two years old, can sometimes be a bit limited in its functionality, so I have been looking into a new investment.  From what I've read so far the Acer Iconia W4 looks pretty perfect for what I need.

Featuring a 8.1 inch display with vibrant, sharp visuals it's ideal for comfortable media viewing, i.e. a nice bit of catch-up TV, as well as giving me extra space for typing the all-important blog posts, of course!  Best of all it's preloaded with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, at no additional expense, for managing and creating documents.  I love the optional portable keyboard, a great idea.  The Acer Crunch Keyboard is a state-of-the-art, ultra-slim Crunch Keyboard fitted in a soft synthetic leather cover that easily folds outs while also serving as a tablet stand.  Have a look at this video:

Windows 8.1 includes several new and intuitive features, such as InstantGo which makes the tablet ready to go at any moment by keeping data and apps refreshed and up-to-date even when the screen is off, by maintaining an internet connection.

The Iconia W4 also features a sleek design that is slim and lightweight, weighing only 415 grams and measuring 10.75 mm thin, so it's easy to take - and use - anywhere.  Yep, definitely top of my wish list, and a very long way from that ZX Spectrum!