Here Come the Yuckies! #bootsbacktoschool

The long autumn term of school is renowned as much for the continual back and forth of germs, and the resultant bouts of conjunctivitis, D&V, colds, 'flu, not to mention those pesky head lice, as much as for the start of a new school year and new learning.  Our school can't have been the only one to be down to about 50% attendance on occasion during these long weeks.  Whether it's down to the length of this term, usually about 15 weeks; the prevalence of bugs amongst a close community, and in colder weather; or suppressed immunity, you can guarantee there will be lots of nasties floating around.  Luckily, Boots comes to the rescue with lots of great wellness solutions.

Boots asked us to take some 'germie' pictures, imagining what a germ's selfie would look like!  The girls were very keen on pulling lots of gruesome faces, until I pointed the camera at them that is, when they just went back to looking cute.  Maybe that was their 'healthy selfie' instead!


So it was left to poor Steve to pull his best 'germie' face.  What do you think?!  Sufficiently grim, especially with that weird shadow effect.  (I think all those hours watching zombie films have paid off!)

Head lice are never pleasant, but unfortunately all children will probably get them at some point.  We've been using a great tea tree-based preventative shampoo and conditioner to keep the nasty licies at bay, which I'll tell you about separately, but we're glad to have some Head Lice Solution and an Electronic Head Lice Comb from Boots to hand in case we need them.  I hope not!!  They seriously creep me out.

We have a fantastic First Aid kit in the car, which Boots kindly gave us last year, so we were delighted to be sent a Boots Pharmaceuticals St. John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit which contains an impressive array of essentials, such as medical wipes, plasters, bandages, dressings and more.  Everything you need for first aid traumas like cuts, stings, sprains and burns.  It also has a handy advice booklet, for added peace of mind when a crisis strikes.  All packed in a handy little bag it is perfect for day trips or just having in your rucksack or changing bag when out and about.  It is available in Boots stores and online, priced £11.99.

We tend to veer towards the natural medicine route if the girls do get ill, but generally they are fairly healthy, thank goodness.  There's much to be said for a robust immune system and a life spent mostly outdoors in nature.  But of course, even though we don't go to school, the same germs are rife at play group, soft play and everywhere else we go and hang out with hordes of small people.  So we're already topping the girls' immunity up with vitamin and mineral supplements, especially the all important Vitamin C and Zinc.  Steve doesn't usually take anything, but he seized on the berry-flavoured Effervescent Multivitamins Boots sent us, and thinks they're great.

We also make sure they wash their hands often, as so frequently touching surfaces or toys others have handled is the way infections are transferred.  If you aren't able to wash your hands when otu and about, products like the Boots Pharmaceuticals Anti Viral Hand Foam are perfect.  No sticky residue, no yucky smell, and great for ridding your hands of nasty bacteria when out and about.  Just what we needed when Sophia picked up a discarded, and very full, doggy doo-doo bag in the woods last week.  I have never been so glad to have a little bottle of hand cleaning stuff in my pocket!

For us the idea of prevention being better than cure holds very true.  Lots of good food, vitamins, wrapping up warm, and being outside, as well as washing your hands, goes a very long way.  For those indoor problems, especially in this digital age, here are some tips from Boots on how to deal with common problems.  After all, you don't want the children to get digit-ill!

Head down to Boots to stock up your medicine cupboard before those autumnal bugs set in, and make sure you pop some preventative vitamins in your basket too.

Have a healthy Autumn term!