My First - and Only! - Car

Like many firsts, they say you never forget your first car, as these My First Car stories from the staff at The Car Buying Service prove!  Whether it's an old banger you've long saved for, or a rather finer specimen the rich parents have shelled out for, your first car is so much more than just the means to get you from A to B and back again.  It's the key to freedom, opening up a whole world of possibilities; and probably the first expensive item that you have full responsiblity for.

Although I suppose that only applies if you are driving - and car owning - as close to the legal age of 17 as possible.  In my case I had travelled the world, lived in various countries, and got a mortgage before I even learnt to drive!  I did have some lessons at the requisite age, but then stopped them because I needed to concentrate on A level revision, and never re-started.  Then living, studying and working in central London pretty much negated the need or desire for a car or driving lessons.  After that it was central Moscow, with just as good a transport system, and after that, back in the UK again, I'd got so used to using public services that I pretty much forgot about driving.

It was only when I left Exeter, another place for fantastic transport links, and moved to sunny Bognor that I finally began to feel the need for a car.  Getting back to my mum's took 3-4 hours, where it was less than 2 by car, trying to furnish my flat, or buy groceries in larger quantities, became a challenge, so I started to think about driving lessons.  When a colleague mentioned that she was selling her car, a decent little Fiesta with a good history and low mileage, I jumped at the chance.  And then started those lessons!

For some months the car sat outside undriven, but when I passed my test first time and headed out in my dear little wheels on my own it was fab!  Unlike most people, I still have that first car, and, like our ever-evolving living space, it has been adapted and altered to accommodate our growing brood.  With Steve in the middle of two car seats in the back and Lara in the front, I have sometimes said our little car resembles one of those you see in a comedy sketch.  We pull up, open the door, and this long stream of people clamber out!

We will need to get something bigger of course, but for the time being our little Dimi is still going strong.  We have had a couple of hefty car bills this year, but over the life of the car I reckon it has cost us about £25 a week in maintenance, tax etc.  A bargain for all that convenience, I say.  And for the time being, until our finances drastically alter, we will carry on managing 5 people, assorted shopping, luggage etc, in our beloved little car.

What was your first car?  What memories do you have of it?


  1. the thought of driving terrifies me, I walk and use buses instead

  2. my first car was a corsa I bought for £400, only lasted months but I loved it :)


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