Our Autumn Bucket List

It still feels like summer during the day, bright sunshine and so warm, but there are those odd moments in the early morning or evening where there is such an autumnal nip in the air.  Down here on the South coast we have been in short sleeves since March, and the girls' berry brown limbs are testament to just how much sunshine we've had.  But this morning cardigans were donned for an early hours trip to the beach, and we've started closing the bigger bedroom windows at night.  Autumn is surely on its way.

We have been thinking about an autumn bucket list, to include conker gathering, leaf kicking, firework watching, and all the usual autumn fun.  But first I need to do some shopping!  I'm OK for tops, but at the moment the only 'bottoms' I've got are cut-offs and linen trousers; not sure they're going to be much use to me as the weather gets colder.  I also need to trade in my regulation Birkenstocks for something more substantial if we're going to be heading off on some fun treks in the woods.  I've been looking at these womens hiking boots from Tesco Direct, what do you think?  I need something waterproof with good grip, and these look like they'll do the job well.

Once I've got the boots sorted, I'll be ready for all the outdoor adventures on the girls' bucket list:

- go for a long walk on the Downs;

- pick apples and pears, and use some to make prints;

- make apple cake;

- go to Longdown Farm, feed the animals, play, and have a picnic;

- plant spring bulbs, and some vegetables to over-winter;

- have breakfast at the waffle place in town with Auntie Kim and Uncle Simon, then take the dogs for a walk in the park;

- collect conkers, acorns, sticks and leaves to make some outdoor art, Andy Goldsworthy style;

- plan a Thanksgiving celebration, and think about the things we are thankful for;

- make letters of the alphabet out of leaves;

- go to lots of Guy Fawkes events;

- kick through, and play in, heaps of leaves;

- eat roasted chestnuts and baked potatoes;

- make firework pictures.

Well that should keep us busy!!

What are your plans for Autumn?

You can find lots more craft ideas on our Autumn Pinterest page.


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