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What a fantastic summer it has been for picnics.  Not too hot, but mostly sunny days, a cooling breeze when needed, and lots of opportunities to get out and about and make the most of summer.  Luckily the re-appearance of the sunshine days looks set to continue so we can enjoy many picnics to come too.  We've been picnicking for lunches, dinners and even the odd breakfast, at parks, on beaches, in playgrounds, on days out, and even in the car when a random shower hit a couple of times.

We have been sent lots of fab bits and bobs to help us with our picnic adventures, including these gorgeous rose-patterned plates and serviettes from Country Baskets.  The Vintage rose plates retail at £1.93 for a pack of 8, and the Vintage rose napkins are £1.83 for a pack of 20.  the little serviettes are the smaler sized ones, drinks size, but perfect for picnics when you don't want to have a big sheet waving about!  These rosey accessories are perfect for a picnic or girlie afternoon tea, laden with lots of yummy cakes!

Country Baskets also have these very sweet Mini lined picnic basket which retail at £4.69.  Perfect for dolly or teddy tea parties or picnics, they would also make a very sweet gift at Christmas-time, filled with some home-made fudge or biscuits.  Lara and Sophia have theirs in pride of place on their wooden kitchen and regularly fill it for dollies and teddies to go off on days out and adventures.  If you go down to the woods today...


In stark contrast to this prettiness is the new Kitchen Lab range of measuring devices and mixers from Pyrex.  Designed to be reminiscent of chemistry or capacity experiments in the lab or at school, this range is perfect for the on the go cook.  At home you can use the cylinder and test tube for measuring and 'weighing', with gradations on the side for measuring various dry and wet ingredients, including flour, sugar, liquids, and rice.  I'm told the beaker is just the thing for melting butter or chocolate in the microwave.


Whilst for picnics and salads, the salad dressing mixer with silicone stopper is perfect, with the recipes for several salad dressings on the side.  So you can take your bottled ingredients like oil and vinegar along with you and whip up a dressing in seconds using the already indicated measurements, or with the leakproof lid make it home and take it with you.  At home the flagon can also be used to store remaining dressing in the fridge.  Likewise with its brother in the right hand picture below, complete with silicone brush for basting meat or vegetables, or brushing pastry etc before baking.  The tight-fitting stopper means any leftover egg wash or marinade can be stored in the fridge until next time.


Ingenious ideas from Pyrex.  Prices start at around £8.

We love the gorgeous prints and great ideas from The Camouflage Company, and have loved traying out their fab Foldaway Tray in lush daisy print.  With unique fold down sides that mean it ends up as thin as a newspaper, perfect for easy storage or for taking on self-catering holidays or picnics, it measures 48x36cm.  This big tray holds plenty of picnic essentials and can also be used around the home as a tray for your laptop or to store papers in on your desk.  It is hardwearing with surprisingly robust handles, and is waterproof and wipe clean.  A fantastic idea, priced £14.50.

We have also been enjoying our picnics on a fabulous Bearskin Picnic Blanket  No, we haven’t been out shooting, this is purely a fun bear, resplendent in red and white check, even featuring 4 limbs and a friend face. With a waterproof backing, he will be ready to help out on all your picnicking adventures. And when you’re finished he tucks away in a little fold-away pouch, with carrying handle.  A great picnic blanket, priced £19.99.


Lots of picnic fun!


  1. I love the tiny basket -what a lovely little thing just right for a teddy bears picnic


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