Review: Baby Annabell Doll with New Rocking Function!

Sophia has been a real mini-Mummy for a while now; caring for, changing and breastfeeding her dolly babies all day long.  Lara has begun to follow in her footsteps now too, and they have begun playing lengthy mummy and baby games, taking their dollies to the shops, play groups, soft play etc, both imaginary and real.

We have a range of dolls in various shapes, sizes and skin colours, and a growing collection of clothes, changing bags, buggies, and other dolly paraphernalia.  But the Holy Grail of dollydom is of course one who cries, or wees, or walks.  Zapf Creation have answered every little girl's dream with their additions to the Baby Annabell range, including the new standard doll who sucks on her dummy or bottle, cries, yawns, falls asleep, snores, and laughs.  Perfect!

With realistic baby sounds and facial movements, she is the perfect 'baby' for our girls to play with, dress, 'breastfeed' or give a water bottle to, and care for, just like they see us care for their baby sister.  You can even rock Baby Annabell to sleep, or stroke her cheek and she yawns and falls asleep, making very cute snuffly snoring sounds.  Very cute.


Lara and Sophia are delighted with their new baby and couldn't wait to get in the box!


Since then she has been out and about on lots of adventures with us, had her own birthday party, been to the park and Peppa Pig World, and much more.  Here she is visiting a new theme park the girls created for her at home, and recovering 'in bed' after!


The brand new rocking feature adds even more to the life-like role play fun that can be had with Baby Annabell dolls.  Rocking the doll from left to right will gently send her off into a peaceful sleep.  If she becomes upset, stroke her cheeks or gently pat her on the back to calm her down and soothe her. Other life-like functions include eye and mouth movement when she is sucking on her bottle or dummy, and she even drinks water from her bottle and cries real tears!

The Baby Annabell® range focuses on all the caring and nurturing aspects of being a mummy or daddy, perfect for a toddler expecting a new brother or sister, or just for those who love playing with their dollies.  Baby Annabell® comes in a beautiful pink frilly romper suit with a bottle, bib, dummy and heart-shaped pendant so little ones can always have a photograph of their favourite doll close to their heart.  The doll is suitable for ages 3+ years, RRP £49.99.

This autumn will see the launch of the new Baby Annabell® Rocking Cradle and Nightlight, which works with the doll’s rocking feature to coax her into peaceful sleep. The cradle also plays a soft lullaby and the nightlight projects reflections onto the bed sheet and Baby Annabell®’s face. The Baby Annabell® Rocking Cradle and Nightlight has an RRP of £44.99.

Other accessories also focus on the caring aspect of the doll and include: Baby Annabell® Highchair (RRP £34.99), Baby Annabell® Comfort Seat (RRP £21.99) and role play essential, Baby Annabell® Changing Bag, which includes a nappy, two bottles, teething ring and changing mat (RRP £16.99). All accessories feature the beautiful signature Baby Annabell® print for a lovely co-ordinated look.

Also available, and top of Lara's Christmas wish list, is the new Baby Annabell® Learns to Walk Doll.  Just like baby Tatiana, she can sit up, crawl, and is learning to walk by cruising and holding someone's hands.  Little ones will feel so proud watching their beloved Baby Annabell® crawling along, sitting up and then walking for the first time whilst they hold her hands.

Baby Annabell® Learns to Walk aims to encourage imaginative role play amongst little ones and build on coordination skills. The doll is suitable for ages three plus and is priced around £49.99.