Review: Bright Starts Soothing Essentials

Bright Starts have recently launched a collection of Soothing Essentials.  All designed with the help of a paediatric dentist, the unique shape and texture of each toy helps with the different stages of teething.  All are BPA-free.

Tatiana is busy cutting her teeth and doesn't seem to have been bothered about them at all so far, thankfully.  But she does enjoy chewing away on teether toys, so she was delighted to receive the Bright Starts Cozy Chew Teether Pal to play with, and munch on!


The Teether Pal is a cute little terry fabric creature, in this case an elephant, with silicone teething ring attached.  The character shaped blanket is made from teething-friendly fabric, with knotted ends for baby to fiddle with, or to help soothe sore gums.  I think these knotted bits could come in very handy when those pesky molars start coming through.  It is also machine washable, which is vital.

Tatiana really enjoys playing with her Elly and he is a regular feature in her car seat.  I've been desperately tryin to get a photo of her chewing on the teether ring, but every time she takes it out of her mouth at the last minute - as you can see in the picture below!

The soft 100% silicone teething ring offers added texture and great resistance to bite into.  It can also be refrigerated for extra soothing relief.  I was intrigued by this, so had a go, and it was surprising just how long the silicone retained the cooling effect for.

This is the perfect toy for teething bubbas, and great value at just £8.99.  Highly recommended!

The Bright Starts Cozy Chew Teether Pal is available in 3 different characters.  The Bright Starts Cozy Coos soother, Cozy Chew Teether Pal, and Paci Mate are all available from Babies R Us.