Turning Over a New (Autumn) Leaf

Is it a hang over from childhood and school that September seems as much, if not more, of a new year, than January 1st?  The changing of the seasons, rather too early for my liking this year, and the prospect of a new school year, even to those of us for whom that is meaningless, leads thoughts to turn to new timetables, schedules, plans and activities.  For some of us, the transition from long hot sunny days to cosy, wrapped up autumn ones even requires something akin to the making of New Year's resolutions.

For me, after a very off month during August, planning revolves around tackling my blog backlog, including getting back into a more regular posting habit, and giving our new blogs and businesses a big push.  It also means making pans to join in with more home ed activities and groups, as this should in theory be the month Lara starts school.  Whilst we have no intention of pursuing directed learning, preferring to take an unschooling approach, I do feel that we need to be creating more opportunities for both learning/discovering and socialising, so the family diary 'spreadsheet' is crammed with potential new activities and ideas.

My new season, new leaf has made friends with my stationery obsession too, and got together a lovely little stash of new notebooks and other delights.  First list: clothes the girls need, not to mention new trainers and wellies for those ever-growing feet!  Sandals just aren't going to cut it for much longer.  I may even manage to buy myself some new clothes, you never know!  The magazines and shops are full of stunning new season clothes and make-up, with trends like winter pastels, over-sized knitwear and lots of glitter looking rather fab!  My favourite is the glitter and glitz trend, like these two fab outifts:

The teal coat of gorgeous sparkly fabric is just beautiful, and I love the cobweb-y dress over a singlet.  Not sure about the skeletal model though!

Speaking of which, I've lost count of the number of friends who are joining diet clubs and declaring this the end of the line - the diet must begin!  Maybe there were some not-so-flattering swimwear shots photographed on holiday over the summer!  A couple of my friends are trying out diet supplements, which I was a bit sceptical about at first but they showed me this company which has recently published a list of their best rated diet supplements here.  The more natural sounding ones do sound interesting, and I have heard some reports that they work.

Of course, none of these pills can be a quick fix, or work on their own.  I heard of someone recently who rejoiced in the idea of reduced fat crisps as it meant they could eat even more than usual.  Um, somewhat missing the point there I think!  This article on the NHS website looks at whether diet pills actually work, and gives some sage advice on how they must be used alongside some big dietary and lifestyle changes.  And of course exercise is essential too, lots of long autumn walks to kick leaves sounds good to me!  Just make sure if you do decide to go down the diet pill route that you stick with safe recommendations, for example this Guardian article looks at whether there is such a thing as a safe and effective diet pill.  I know my friends have certainly done lots of research first, you can never be too careful when it comes to your health, and I think they know that it has to be part of a bigger lifestyle change.

For us, the forthcoming bounties of the harvest mean some delicious fresh eating ideas, and lots of autumnal adventures in the park, up on the Downs and in the woods.  I just need to make sure I find time for the new blogging plans in between all this fun.  Back to my notebooks to make some more plans...

What have you got planned for Autumn?