Finding an Unusual Gift for Grandad

I know I said I wasn't going to go on about the C word until after Guy Fawkes, but I have already been searching for some out of the ordinary gifts, so thought I would share them with you.  There are some people who are just so difficult to buy for, aren't there?  They don't fit the usual mould for interests, yet you know that the standard socks or smellies will see them turning their noses up too.  Steve's dad is one of these, and every year we struggle to find something nice for him.

One of the main problems is that he pretty much has everything he wants already.  And if he hasn't got it, he'll just go out and buy it.  He doesn't really have any hobbies as such either, so that option's out.  Knowing how tricky it is to find gifts for him I have decided to start early, and in the process found some cute and quirky gifts I thought you might like.

Bee house, £11

Steve's parents don't have a very big garden, more a backyard, but they are keen on animals and insects.  Over his childhood, there was a continual stream of tame and injured birds and animals accommodated and cared for, including Roger Rabbit, Russell Crow and Tweety Pie the goldfinch.  (I think the lack of originality in names was down to the children rather than the parents!)  So I think this bug hotel would go down well.

Post-it Apple Z-Note Dispenser, £7.49

Grandad spends a lot of time on his computer and gets through a lot of scraps of paper.  We're trying to convert him to the joys of Post-Its, so this refillable apple-shaped dispenser from 3M Post-It would be perfect.  A fun addition to his desk.


Another addition to his desk could be one of these lovely mugs from The Great Gift Company.  I'm sure he'd go for the Grandad Rules one, whilst I may be slightly tempted to proffer the Grumpy Old Man one... ;-)

Tea for Two set, £50

Speaking of crockery, I think this red striped Cornishware is just gorgeous.  I think we might get this for the pair of them, then Steve's parents could sit down to a stylish breakfast every morning.  I know I would love it, just hope they will too!

Star Wars Death Star Worktop Saver, £14.99

My final pick is more for the son than the man himself, as my ex-geek hubby would LOVE this!  This Death Star is actually a glass chopping board, and is heat resistant up to 180 degrees.  It's odour, stain and scratch resistant too, making it the perfect surface for preparing food, protecting your surfaces from hot pans and even for serving.  I'll definitely be ordering one of these!

Have you got a tricky person to buy for?  If so, may the Force be with you!


  1. Some great ideas here. Grandads are always so difficult to buy for! x

  2. Pam Francis Gregpry21 October 2014 at 20:37

    Some "grand" ideas - Thanks

  3. Great ideas....My dad is terrible to buy for....That bee house would be an idea for him...Hmmm.
    My fella would love that chopping board too....hehehe

  4. I find men in general ridiculously difficult to buy for. I have to simply ask my husband what he wants and if i vary from that at all he just tells me he doesn't like it!!

  5. I bought a solitary bee hive for my dad last Christmas, great gift!

  6. Men in general are hard to buy for I find the older they get the harder it is as well. We are going down the personalised photo route I think as I've just had a baby. x

  7. I can't wait to buy all my xmas prezzies, grandads are always difficults. They have everything but you have given me some great inspiration. Thank you x

  8. I've seen this post before and have been thinking about the bee house. This would be perfect for my old folks. They love this kind of thing.

  9. Love the red striped Cornishware, perfect gift.


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