Review: 3D Glowing Stars

One of the most wonderful things about home education is being able to follow the girls' interests as far as they want to take them.  For Lara last winter that was the stars and planets, and we would spend ages working out which was which and looking at different books and websites.  She learned loads about them.  I really hope she'll continue her interest this winter when the nights are darker, especially as we have been sent a lovely set of 3D glow in the dark stars from University Games.

The stars are part of a whole range of products which enable you to bring the constellations indoors.  The Great Explorations range includes all sorts of planet and stars products, enabling every little science fan to explore the universe.  Great Explorations has been the glow-in-the-dark leader for over a decade, helping children discover the wonders of planets, stars and outer space beyond.  All products in the range have a Lifetime Glow Guarantee; just expose them to light to recharge and they will glow and glow.

The 3-D Stars in a Tube contains 30 three dimensional stars that can be used to create a fab cosmic scene on your wall or ceiling.  Our galaxy currently adorns the bedroom door, although the cats are desperately trying to pull them off!  The tube also contains 25 feet of string and adhesive putty.  The tubes of stars are widely available from major retailers including Amazon, Waterstones, Waitrose and independent toy stores , RRP £5.99

You can find out more about the whole Great Explorations range here.

The Great Explorations range is suitable for ages 3+


  1. I used to have these a child but didn't glow for very long.

  2. Thank you all. We're really enjoying them, the girls love going to sleep looking at them.

  3. 30 stars for £5.99 is actually pretty reasonable. I keep meaning to get stars for my little boys room, so will keep an eye out for these.


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