Review: Cheeky Chompers Comfortchew

I don't watch Dragons' Den very often, but by some serendipity I watched an episode back in March this year when friends Amy and Julie asked for support to progress their business, Cheeky Chompers.  Despite loving their idea, the award-winning Neckerchew, the dragons doubted the pair's business projections and chose not to invest.  Well how wrong they were!  The Neckerchew, a unique combination of dribble bib with integral teether corner, is now stocked in 20 countries worldwide, and over 100 independent retailers.  Oops!

Skip forward a few months and their new product, the 4 in 1 Comfortchew, designed to be comforter, teether, taggie and cuddly in one, has just been launched.

A unique combination of four baby essentials in one, the Comfortchew is set to be a baby must-have, as well as a design classic with functionality, style and high quality materials.


The Comfortchew is a soft, cuddly comforter with one side snuggly fleece (just like teddy) and the other soft jersey cotton, both of which are highly absorbent and washable.  It features either a fun animal print or a vibrant striped design on the jersey side, and interesting, stimulating taggie bits for baby to fiddle and play with.  Tatiana really likes the knotted one, perhaps because it is such a lovely, bright colour.  It's so nice to have something in slightly different colours than the usual pastels of pink, lilac, blue, and yellow.

The teether part is a chewable hippo shape which is perfectly safe being BPA and Phthalates-free.  Being ridged and dimpled, the soft chewy textured Hippo-teether gives a great bite, that massages and soothes tender gums, and encourages new teeth to break through.  Tatiana soon got the hang of that bit!


The Comfortchew can also be attached to baby's wrist, dungaree strap, car seat, pram, or buggy.  Yay, no more lost teether toys!  Although the wrist attaching idea might only work with younger babies as Tatia was having none of it, no sooner did I put it on than she'd ripped it off again.  We have those toy straps on our buggy and car seat, so attached it to those, but I'm not sure how easily you could attach it without as the strap is an elasticated ring, rather than opening and closing with Velcro.

The Comfortchew is suitable from birth, and being in neutral designs would make a great baby shower or new baby gift.

Tatiana grabbed the Comfortchew straight away and began to examine the different parts, although her conclusion that it was great for cleaning may have missed the point slightly...


Thankfully she has gone back to it again and again as a teether and a toy to throw around, even as a lovely cover for the sleeping cats' backs!

This is definitely a teething essential, and great fun too.  We like all the different aspects of the product as it combines so many different things, and for that it seems great value for money at just £17.99.  Top of my baby gifting list in future!

The UK-manufactured Comfortchew is available online at 


  1. Great review! Will look out for one for my gorgeous nephew


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