Review: Chia Co Chia Seeds

From Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family, Chia seeds are a nutrient-rich plant-based source of Omega 3 and protein, as well as containing essential fibre.  You can toss them in salads, add to cous cous or quinoa, or sprinkle over your morning muesli.  In fact, as they have virtually no taste, Chia seeds can be added to any of your usual dishes for a nutritional boost.

Loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Chia is the highest plant based source of Omega 3 ALA, fibre, both soluble and insoluble, and protein,  It is a complete, plant-based protein and contains all eight essential amino acids.  A true superfood, just one tablespoon of Chia provides 100% of your Omega 3 needs, and 25% of your daily fibre.

Traditionally eaten by the Mayan and Aztec peoples and cultivated as early as 3500BC, Chia was used by Tarahumara Indians to help fuel them for endurance runs.  Runners today also eat Chia to sustain energy release, improve endurance and prolong hydration.

Chia Co seeds are sustainably grown in farms located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, exactly 15 degrees south of the Equator as this provides optimum conditions, optimising the Omega 3 oil in every seed.

Naturally gluten-free, raw, vegan and chemical-free, the Chia Co' Chia is perfect for everyone from pregnant mums and babies to the elderly.  Amongst other things it can help with weight loss, heart health, tissue repair, and foetal development.

They are a great protein boost for children and my two have enjoyed them on their yogurt and in savoury dishes these past few weeks.  We also tried out some of the recipes on the Chia Co website, and they loved the Walnut and Spinach Pesto best.  Our slightly altered recipe goes:

Blend 70g spinach, 15g parsley, 80g walnuts, 4tbsp of chia seeds, 4 tbsp oil, a pinch of sea salt and 1tsp sumac until a rough texture.  Add more oil or seasoning as necessary, and serve with linguine.  Sprinkle with grated Parmesan to taste.

My favourite is the Spicy Red Pepper Dip, its delicious.

Chia Seed White and Chia Seed Black are available in 150g, 500g and 1kg packets are priced from £4.79, and are available from Tesco stores nationwide.

For a nutritional boost on the go, Chia Shots (10 x 8g) are individual 1tbsp shots, perfect for on-the-go energy.  The perfect size to pop in your handbag, gym bag or pocket.  Available from Ocado, priced £4.79.

Also available are these fab little Chia Pods, a mixture of seeds, coconut milk, fruit, and nothing else.  They are available at Waitrose, priced £2.59 for a 170g pot.  Great for kids, these are the perfect quick breakfast, with all the convenience but none of the added sugar of other products.  They are available in Banana, Mango, Blueberry and Vanilla Bean flavours.

Oats+Chia is another quick breakfast idea, in Banana & Mango, Mixed Berry and Apple Spice flavours.  Available in boxes of 5 sachets, each packet makes an all-natural vegan porridge containing wholegrain oats, Chia, real fruit and virgin coconut oil.  Order from Ocado, priced £5 for a 5 sachet box.


  1. i have never heard of these, the pods sound yummy

  2. My girls love them in natural yogurt. Didn't realise there was such a wide range!

  3. These look great as they are natural as apposed to factory made, and reasonable priced


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