Sponsored Video: Mum & Me #VoiceOfMums

Yummy Mummy?  Earth Mother?  Tiger Mom?  What kind of mum are you?

Whichever category you fall into, I can guarantee that at some point you'll be covered in sick/mud/snot/gawd knows what else!  And don't we love it!  Somehow, when these things come out of your own precious little darling, they aren't actually so bad.  Not as bad as if they had been emitted by some old man on the tube.  No, just my shoulder that looks appealing to them?!

It's all well and good until those poor little turned up noses are so stuffy that they prevent sleeping, and everyone in the house suffers along with poor bubba.  Thankfully, Cussons Mum & Me range has come up with a solution.  They have developed Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles, which contains a menthol fragrance to help relieve those snuffly little noses.  What a great idea!


Just like all of the products in the Cussons Mum & Me range, it’s designed by mums and developed by experts. So next time they'bve got a bunged up nose, run a warm bath, and let them get happy again!

And while you're thinking about whether all that baby snot is bearable, try to remember the good stuff,  And if all else fails, share your pain, and have a giggle with some other mums.  Here's what happened when Cussons invited some real mums to join them in the studio and sing about the realities of being a mum.  The ups, the downs - and the snotty noses!  They asked for the truth, the reality of being a mum, and that's just what they got.

See more from the campaign and get to know the mums behind the video at www.voiceofmums.com

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