Staying Safe & Warm As Winter Approaches

The cold weather is upon us once more and sadly that can only mean one thing – summer is now just a distant memory! As we prepare for Autumn and even Winter, there can be a lot to take in, not least sorting out an entire new wardrobe for you and the kids. Shorts and T Shirts sadly just aren’t going to cut it anymore (not if you don’t want to catch your death of cold!).

Whilst the temptation is there to just hibernate (I’ve legitimately considered it before…!), unfortunately that’s not really an option. The kids have still got to go to school, and even if you’re not working right now, there are bound to be an abundance of errands that you have to do – in other words, life goes on! To wrap up properly for the warm months, it’s an absolute given that you’ll need to invest in a nice warm coat. Country Clothing Direct have a great range, especially for outdoorsy types, so if you’re one of those people who in actual fact can’t resist getting out and about, that works quite nicely. For the kids, you’re best off finding out what everyone else in the class is wearing, and then negotiating from there. It’s not that you want your kids to be ‘sheep’ – or to spend a fortune – it’s just not nice when you spend hard earned money on something that they flat out refuse to wear. Oh, kids. Who’d have them, hey?!

In the winter months, it’s also worth not being in denial about the inevitability of freezing – not just a bit chilly – weather. It’s important that your property remains a safe place, and so you should avoid slips, trips and nasty falls by investing in a little rock salt from the likes of Decorative Aggregates. You might not be able to do much about pavements and roads (other than hope they’ve be dealt with, too), but you can make sure everyone’s safe at home. They do say accidents are more likely to happen close by, after all. If the kids are attending after school clubs like Brownies and Scouts and so on, private playgrounds can be a nightmare if they’re not properly maintained, especially when sneaky little potholes freeze themselves over! HC Courts provide brilliant playground maintenance services when you feel like some work is probably long overdue, so make sure you voice your concerns with the people in charge of your children’s safety.

As the nights get darker, it’s not just the temperature you need to worry about. Of course, the risk of anything bad happening is very low, but perhaps it’s time to sit down and have that ‘stranger danger’ chat with the kids once again? It can never hurt to be too careful. It might even be time to consider whether they can have a mobile phone, for emergencies. Now, you don’t want them to be a target, but if they’ve just moved on to secondary school, it’s certainly worth a thought. Lots of networks now do ‘family’ plans, including Tesco, who are thankfully cheap and cheerful.

Overall, there are some wonderful things about the winter months – Christmas (of course), and even the little things – hot chocolate in front of the fire, making snow angels and reading in bed with an electric blanket on. Just make sure you’re prepared so you can make the most of it.


  1. I love the winter months because you know the best events of the year is coming up. Halloween, bonfire night and christmas YAY

  2. Yes, autumn and winter are great seasons, lots of fun.


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