Want £1500 Towards Your Life's Dream? #postitbrandhappen

Do you remember this post from back in June about the Post-it Make It Happen campaign?  Well I wanted to give you an update on what's going on with it.  The good news is that, because the campaign has done so phenomenally well, the deadline has been extended to the end of November, enabling a further two winners to benefit from the competition!

So far the winners have included Caroline Collins who wants to take a team of vounteers to help out in Kew Gardens, here's what The Thinking Woman’s Coach and Post-it® spokesperson Jessica Chivers has to say about Caroline's brilliant idea:

“I've chosen Caroline Collins who would like to take 48 Raft Foundation volunteers to Kew Gardens. Caroline's 'Make it Happen' is about doing something for others who are in turn doing something for others in their community. There's so much good feeling being spread here. I wish them a terrific day at Kew learning things relevant to Raft Foundation's "Grow Wild" project.”

The second winner is Mark Stapleton who wanted to use the money to take Stacksteads Band to the final of a competition in Cheltenham.  As Jessica says, the pleasure music gives to so many, and the band's active determination to succeed, makes them worthy winners of the finances to help them move forward in their career.

As for the third winner so far, well you just have to love his entry, how fab is this?

Wanting to use the £1500 prize money to adapt a sailing boat for his ease of use, wheelchair-bound Samuel Fairman captured judge Jessica Chivers' heart with his creative application, having shaped Post-its into a boat and a wheelchair in his picture.  She also admired "the sense of positive resolve to carry on striving and achieving even when things might not be so straightforward" that he showed.

What would you ask Post-it® Brand to put £1500 towards?  What's your dream or goal in life?

The fund is still open, so if you would like to enter your plan of how you'd like to 'Make It Happen', just enter here.

Just write your dream down on a Super Sticky Note and share it at http://makeithappen.post-it.co.uk/

Good luck!