Alternative Gifts for Christmas

As you fill your trolleys, baskets, virtual carts and bags this December, spare a thought for those who won't have much to celebrate this Christmas.  And if you can, pop a few pence in a charity tin, set up a new charity direct debit, or order a couple of alternative gifts for those in need.

One of our favourite charities, ChildAid, offers a range of alternative gifts, ranging from £5 for a staionery set or £8 for a blanket, right up to £100 to supply winter fuel for a family this winter, or £100 to supply essential physio equipment to those in need.  Just have a look at their Alternative Gifts page and make your selection.  Even a £1 donation is most welcome!

At African charity Send a Cow, gifts include Send a Hen (£7), Send a Little Donkey (£9), and Send a Tap (£10), all of which will help poverty stricken families in Africa.  Here in the West a Christmas present probably isn't going to change our lives, but sending one of these alternative gifts literally could change the life of someone worse off.  With crops and education gifts from just £6, and essentials like a clean latrine only £20, your gift re`ally can make a difference.  Or why not forego the office Secret Santa, pool your fivers or tenners, and send a cow?  10-20 office workers could easily get together the £205 needed, so why not forget the willy warmers/chocolates/semi-amusing tut that gets sent to the charity shop the next day, and help those in need instead?


  1. I love these alternative gifts, many years ago we stopped sending xmas cards, instead we make a charity donation every year.

  2. Some great ideas - especially for the men we find hard to buy for!

  3. ive never heard of this before, how lovely

  4. What lovely ideas! X

  5. I've had some of these from my Dad, he supports the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.


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