Christmas Gifts for Cats

...because kitties have wish lists too!

Mine, all mine!

Of course, top of most cats' lists is lots and lots of food, and there are plenty of special treats and gifts out there to make sure your furry friend feels part of the Christmas celebrations.  Some brands have even started offering special limited edition Christmas flavours.  Indeed, they can even have their own Advent calendar.  Our five had three between them last year!  Lara and Sophia loved doling the treats out each morning, and the cats were more than happy with that arrangement.

A word of warning though, if you're popping some foodie treats in their Christmas stockings, just make sure consumption is supervised.  Misha spent Christmas Day three years ago feeling very sorry for himself, after having managed to get into a large bag of treats in the early hours of the morning and gorged the lot!  Even a festive plate of turkey wouldn't budge him from the bed.

After food comes play time and there are some lovely toys out there for chasing and batting and chewing and fighting.  Lots of great ideas to fill those Christmas stockings with.  Many cats adore catnip, although some just aren't interested.  All of ours adore the little Zebedee catnip-filled mice so they get one of those each to play with and chew, just watch out for the drool-soaked little critters if you're walking round barefoot later though - yuck!

A word to new cat owners, they scratch. everywhere.  It's what they do.  So many people go into new pet ownership without doing any research and then complain that the puppy bites them or the kitten scratches the furniture.  Well yeah, they do.  And they're not being 'naughty', they're doing what comes naturally to them - puppy is exploring the world through his mouth like a baby does, and in play with his siblings and mother would soon learn what was OK and not with her little needle-sharp teeth; the kitten or cat is scenting his territory with the glands in his paws as well as caring for his claws, so get him a scratching post or two to do it on.

We have recently got rid of the huge cat tower which I bought Taya and Yuri for their first Christmas seven years ago, so I think ours will be getting a new monster tower to explore this year.  We also need to renew the small scratching post in the bedroom, and I really like the look of these two:

We don't have radiators, but I think our kits would love one of those hanging beds, come to that I think I'd like one, how warm and cosy must that be?!  Jess likes to sleep on our heated clothes airer, and Taya and Misha try their best to share the storage heater in the sitting room, although it often results either in a fight or one of them clinging on in such a position that when they do fall asleep they fall off!  So then it's off to the big family bed for a snuggle instead.  I like that this radiator bed can be used freestanding too, maybe I could position it on the floor next to one of our heaters instead.

So full tummies, something to play with, a place to scratch and stretch, and somewhere cosy to sleep, that sounds like the kitty wish list pretty much sorted!  The only other thing we need is a new cat carrier.  We don't use ours often but it is looking pretty shabby.  I really like the look of these from Swell Pets, functional but funky.  Not sure I'll be able to persuade the boys to go in the pink one though...

What's on your cat's wish list this year?

Cat carriers, bed, scratching posts and toys all available from Swell Pets.


  1. I never get my 2 cats anything. maybe I should. that cat bed looks nice. Whether they will use it I don't know.


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