Lakeland: 50 Years of Innovation

50 years ago, Lakeland founder Alan Rayner spotted an opportunity to bring plastic freezer bags to customers in the UK.  With the growth of the domestic freezer industry, he realised that there was a need for a cheap, easy vessel to freeze produce and keep it freezer-burn free until needed.  Having sourced the plastic bags for his grateful customers, Lakeland Plastics was born.

Since then, Lakeland as it became, has been at the heart of innovation, continually striving to source and develop products that are at the cutting edge of innovation and that meet customers’ needs, even needs they never knew they had.  And yes, they do still sell the very same plastic bags!

With the resurgence of interest in home baking, and recent trends in food following the backlash against processed foods which began in the 1990s, this quest continues.  Lakeland’s research suggests:

  • 67% of people want to know where their food comes from
  • 64% believe that cooking from fresh at home saves money

The growing interest in food, its provenance, and how it is produced, has led to many wanting to develop their skills and re-learn lost ones.  As always, Lakeland are at the forefront of providing equipment to help, with a host of new and innovative products.  Here are two of our favourites:

Designed with absolute safety in mind, you work this mandolin by pulling and pushing the baseboard, meaning your fingers are nowhere near the sharp blade.  It slices in __ different thicknesses, juliennes, and grates.  The silicone ___  also means you won’t leave any of your vegetable behind.  A fantastic addition to your kitchen, and such a great alternative to the often dangerous mandoline.  Priced £39.99.

The biggest innovation at Lakeland this year is the incredible Flare Pan, a real technological breakthrough designed by Dr Thomas Povey, an engineer at Oxford University.  Dr Povey has a special interest in thermo dynamics, and expertise in transferring and managing engine heat in jet and rocket engines.  Developed especially for gas hobs, and created to heat pans faster and more efficiently, up to 44% more.  The exclusive fins encourage the flames to run evenly up the pan sides, locking them on rather than leaving them flickering away underneath.   From £49.99

Here’s a video which shows how it all works: