Review: Heat Holders Neck Warmer and Gloves

I have finally been able to try out my lovely snuggly Thermal Neck Warmer and Thermal Mittens from Heat Holders this past week or two, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The 2.5 Tog Thermal Mittens are cable knit gloves with a super-soft, highly effective Heatweaver insulating lining.  This silky fur-like plush feels lovely against the skin, but more importantly is extremely effective at keeping your hands warm.  The extra long, fold-over protective cuffs hug the wrist for extra warmth and insulation.  They are also great in the rain as the yarn is also superb at wicking moisture away, keeping skin drier and warmer, even in damp weather.

They are machine washable at 40°, have a 100% acrylic outer and 100% polyester inner, and retail at £10.00.  Just don't let your children get hold of them...

The lovely cosy Heat Holders 3.5 Tog Heatweaver Yarn Neck Warmer is warmer than winding a scarf round as there are no gaps, and its rather less hassle too.  Also in a pretty cable knit, and available in a lovely heathery shade of purple and goes-with-everything black, the neck warmer is really warm and soft.  Like the mittens, it has a silky, fur-like Heatweaver thermal lining to retain warm air and keep you warmer for longer.  The advanced, high performance Heat Holders insulating yarn helps protect against the cold and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.

The neck warmer has a 52% polyester 48% acrylic outer, and a 100% polyester lining.  It's cut enables the shape to drape around the chin, neck and chest to maintain warmth and comfort.  It is machine washable at 40° and washes and dries beautifully.  RRP £12.00

Lara loves the neck warmer, it's a struggle to get it off her!  Although as you can see she does think it's a hat...


  1. I have a pair of Heatholders socks, and they are amazingly warm.

    I couldn't use your tweet, as the link seems to have corrupted, so I used the twitter link at the bottom of the rafflecopter.

  2. My favourite colour, soft and warm, ideal to brace the cold.

  3. Christmas Gift Guide: For Teens and Tweens article is brilliant & very useful & helpful! The Heatholders socks are fantastic for keeping my feet warm easing my joint pains!


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