Review: Playmobil Advent Calendar 5492 Unicorn Fairyland

Whatever your thoughts on Christmas preparations, it is definitely time to start thinking about Advent calendars, and the creme de la creme this year are those offered by Playmobil.  With police, pony, dragon, fairy and traditional Christmas themes, there really is something for everyone.

Lara was sent the fairy one to review back in the autumn and you can see the rapturous welcome it received here:

I had thought about keeping it for December, but then thought how will we review it properly leaving it unopened, so we let Lara dive in.  She was delighted!  Each door held a new Playmobil treat which all joined together to create a lovely fairy scene.  You can use the picture on the box as background for your story set.


Not being constrained by door numbers, Lara went for the largest door first and found this sweet little jewellery box gift which she was delighted with.  Although not having much concept of jewellery it has become her treasure box and is where she keeps her favourite little pebbles from the beach. 

Lara quickly figured out that the larger doors were likely to be where she would find the Playmobil characters, in this case fairies and animals, so she went for these first.  The little people are her favourite part of Playmobil and she loves to see who she will find next.


With nearly all the doors open, Lara amassed her hoard and began to play.  From the 24 windows she had a lovely collection of animals, fairies, flowers, trees and assorted accessories.  I think the sheer amount in the calendars, and the excitement they bring, makes them well worth their £18.99 price tag.


Not only will your child have the excitement of opening their calendar each morning, but they will also have some great new toys to play with throughout Advent and beyond, and of course, like all Playmobil, it is interchangeable with the other sets.  Using elements from the girls' fairy, Western and camping sets, we currently have fairies camping in a field with cowboys, and why not?

Here is the full contents of the Unicorn Fairyland calendar:

As mentioned above, 4167 Pony Farm, 4168 Police, 5494 Santa's Workshop, and 5493 Dragon's Treasure Battle are also available.  They all contain new, extra surprises too!

Please note, the tiny pieces these calendars contain makes them unsuitable for children aged under 3 years.

Playmobil Advent Calendars are available at Amazon, ToysRUs and many independent toy stores.  They can also be purchased online at the Playmobil shop.


  1. this looks fab! my little girl would love it!

  2. I thought these were really expensive but seeing it all out of the box It looks like a generous amount of toys and there not all super tiny bits either

  3. We had a Playmobil calendar last year! my eldest loved it


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