Review: Scented Candle Shop

For me, there are few things in life which beat the joy of a candlelight, bubble-filled bath, especially if a glass of Champagne is on offer too!  One of my favourite brands is Parks, who may not have hit the packaging jackpot like Diptyque, but offer high quality, beautifully scented candles that seem to last forever.  I was delighted to see the range offered online by the Scented Candle Shop, who also stock Yankee Candle, Price's Candles and more.

Offered the chance to pick some items for review, I turned immediately to the Parks section and chose the glorious Blue Camomile and White Tea Parks Aromatherapy Candle, £17.99.  This refreshing floral is divine, not at all cloying or heavy.  It has been my bath-time accompaniment for the past couple of weeks now and I love it!

With Christmas in mind, I also chose the very cute Christmas Colour Changing LED Decoration £3.59, which the girls absolutely adore, and the Carousel Christmas Rotary Candle Holder in the Silver Angels design, £4.99.  I know we're still a little way away from Christmas, but so far the little LED tree is still going strong, I'm quite frankly amazed at how well its battery has lasted considering it is played with most days.  I have wanted one of the rotary candle holders for ages, so was delighted to receive this cute little one.  As the nightlight candle burns, the angels turn round.  It's very sweet.  (Apologies for the stock photo above, I couldn't get a decent pic myself!)

If you are looking for Christmas decorations or candles, whether for yourself or to give at Christmas, head over to the Scented Candle Shop for a fantastic selection.  They offer fast, efficient delivery too.  The only problem you'll have is choosing which ones...  And don't forget to stock up on all those scrumptious Yankee Candle scents for Christmas!


  1. Pam Francis Gregory24 November 2014 at 22:15

    I love candles - Great review - Thanks

  2. I love scented candles. The xmas tree ornament above looks amazing, I bet the kids loved it!

  3. another great review, im currently using yankee candles, but i think i might give these a try

  4. Where I live I am not allowed to burn candles as they might set off the communal alarms. However I do like to have scented candles around my flat for the smell and attractive appearance of them.


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