Comping Wish List 2015

Have you been taking part in the frenzy of Advent competitions?  How have you done?  Did you manage to get anywhere with the M&S Pass the Parcel app, between breakdowns?  (Its, not yours, although I hear some dedicated compers were close...)  We won two chocolate Santas, woohoo!  My only other win this month, so far, has been this very cute Boj jumper, which Lara will be delighted with.  But I have big plans afoot for 2015!

First of all I need to work on that dreaded time management so that I am at least consistent in my comping!!  At the moment it's a bit feast or famine, with B-I-G gaps in-between times!  Once I've conquered that, and entered as regularly as possible, surely my luck goes up, right?  And all those 'Congratulations...' e-mails will come flooding in.  Fingers crossed, anyway!

Our top wishes for prizes in 2015 are:

  • A year's supply of something, maybe tea or juice, or even loo roll!  Something we get through a lot of would be a real boon to the cupboards, and the purse strings.
  • A holiday or two would be marvellous, maybe a sunny beach or city somewhere, we would love to take the girls to Greece or the Med, ooh maybe I should look into Mediterranean Cruises!  Although a UK-based caravan holiday would be fab too!
  • Theme park tickets, especially an annual pass, would be amazing, especially to the girls' beloved Peppa Pig World, or a Merlin pass.  That would take car of lots of great family days out!
  • We really need a new TV, both because our aged monster Philips is on its way out, and it takes up so much room.  Just a little 32" flat screen, nothing huge or Smart needed.
  • Shopping vouchers for me to buy some clothes with, I'm in desperate need but really resent spending the money on myself, so vouchers might make feel a little less guilty!

That's it really.  Of course, anything else would be a big bonus, and we aren't ever going to say a big cash or car win would be a bad thing!  Keep your fingers crossed for us...

If you're a comper, what are you hoping for in 2015?


  1. Love this post! I was lucky to win some merlin passes in November. I would love to win a holiday, that's defo on the top of my list for next year. Good Luck :-D

  2. hahaha! I won two chocolate Santa's too from M&S....I've not done too bad with the advents this year. Some candles, a Pandora charm, board games, some earrings and some Christmas decorations.
    I am hoping to win a new laptop or vouchers to buy one.....This one is dying a slow death. lol!
    Good luck x

  3. I would love to win some Cloud 9 or GHD's next year. I say that every year though.

  4. Good luck, our third baby is due in April so as many wins to help with the cost would be very welcome

  5. Haven't been doing so many of the Advents this year (there's just so many!!) - I once won a years supply of washing powder which came (eventually!) in the form of the companys vouchers so was able to spend it on that, cleaners etc, and used them when items were on offer so got even more for my (their) money :))
    Dream win at the moment would be a new kitchen - or cash, that would be great too!

  6. The comping daydreaming is really nice! I'd really like to win garden centre and DIY vouchers to overhaul the garden in spring. Plus anything that helps the household finances is always most appreciated. Odd little ones I've been daydreaming about during the advents...I'd love to have won a christmas tree as I could never justify the cost of buying one. Plus since starting comping I've daydreamed about a kindle! Hope you win some of your wishlist in the new year! x

  7. Won 2 chocolate Santa's AND a pack of Walnut Whips from M&S, which is a lot better than previous years. Got a Regency Hamper coming from an Advent comp, not sure how big though, and a £5 M&S voucher. That's my total from hours of Advent comping!


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