Decorating for Christmas with Poundland

Poundland challenged us to decorate a room with their fabulous range of Christmas baubles, tinsel, lights and more.  As regular readers may have spotted in our Christmas Decorating Theme posts afew weeks ago, there is a huge range of decorations at Poundland this year.  With brights, folk and traditional themes all covered, it is certainly worth heading to your nearest Poundland to see what you can find, even if you plan to keep it for next year.

One of my favourite decorations from the Christmas shows back in July were these gorgeous resin jewel drops in bright colours.  Amazing value at 2 for £1, and just beautiful!  I was delighted to see them on sale in the Worthing store last week and snapped them up in all colours straight away.

Also amazing value are the great range of craft kits on offer, including make your own animal tree decorations with sequinned bauble tummies; sew a Santa; and many more.  We bought enough kits so that Lara and Sophia could make one each, no arguments that way!  And at just £1 each they are an absolute bargain.  Great last-minute stocking fillers too, if you're still on the hunt.

We decided to decorate a room that doesn't normally see much Christmas action, and after discounting the kitchen (potential fire hazard!) and the bathroom (might get damp), we opted for the bedroom.  While the girls and Steve were out I set up a little Christmassy corner with Lametta garland, flashing lights, tinsel, decorations and more.  The girls were delighted when they came home and saw it!

I think the flashing LED decorations are their favourites, but it is so difficult to get a decent photo of them!!  They also love the Santa sacks and have been playing Father Christmas all weekend, continually filling, emptying and refilling the sacks with pretend gifts and cards.  Very cute, and again amazing value at £1 each.  A lovely idea for gifts, but also great for role play as the girls have proven.  Head in to your nearest Poundland to see what's on offer.

Please excuse the dreadful picture quality, managed to leave my decent camera at a friend's house last week!


  1. The craft kits look great value!


  2. Love the decorations. Fab price to x

  3. Pam Francis Gregory31 December 2014 at 07:49

    Some great bargains!

  4. Poundland is amazing for Christmas decorations! We got a few bits a good few years ago and they're still going strong.


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