Letters to Santa 21st-Century Style

Leading high street, and digital, retailer Argos has launched an innovative, and rather fab, new app to help you and your children get ready for Christmas.  Aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years, the app allows kids to create their very own Christmas wish list on an app, which can then be sent to Father Christmas, and any distant relatives or friends who are stuck for ideas, making it easier for everyone to know what's on those essential Christmas wish lists.

After you have downloaded the app to your device, and set any controls you want to, each child needs to choose a little digital friend to help them, and then off they go.  Parental controls allow you to set limits to the number of gifts, set a budget, or set a maximum per item value.  If you choose the latter, then only items under that value will be shown to the child.  Potential gifts can be searched by category, with recognisable logos to assist non-readers in site navigation.

After it's all done dusted, send the wish list to the North Pole, and maybe to Grandma and Auntie Jane too!  Here's a video to show how it all works, and gives you an insight into some other families' Christmas traditions; have a nose!


  1. Interesting idea! I like the traditional letter in the mail but then I guess it wont be long before this kind of thing is the norm

  2. Holly Hadjigeorgiou4 December 2014 at 11:05

    hmmm, may have to give this a go next year, we have already sent santa a letter the old fashioned way!


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