New Year's Budgeting and Planning

Can't believe we've already got our new year, new sweep heads on, must be something in the water!  Last night Steve and I sat down to plan out the budget for the year, a detailed record of all the incomings and outgoings, and our saving and spending goals for the next twelve months.  Somehow the books appear to balance, on paper at least, so our plan to finally get a bigger car may well come to fruition this year.  But there are always those little bitty spanners in the works aren't there?

Last weekend, in the middle of Tatiana's birthday party no less, our kettle died a death.  Annoying, yes, but this is the THIRD kettle this year!!  The first one was about ten years old, so OK; the second (Dualit, £75) went kaput after about 6 months; the third one (Sainsbury's, £25 - not making the same mistake twice!) was about 4 months old.  And can we find the receipts etc, can we heck as like!  Kettle number four will be bought tomorrow, receipt stuck to fridge, and it better darn well last.  Steve has a hankering for one of those colour-changing glow ones, you know, with the space age-y look?  (Kettle, not husband!)  Hopefully it will have space age reliability and longevity too!

So yes, where was I, spanners, kettles, unnecessary expenses.  We need a contingency fund, one of those grown up pots of gold Sarah Beeny purses her lips and gives a wry smile about.  But we also desperately need some new bathroom furniture, especially a new loo and a new storage cabinet.  I think we can get away with re-enamelling the bath, and maybe some new taps; and the wash basin is mainly OK.  But having had the bathroom re-tiled last year, it has really shown up that other things need doing.  Isn't that always the way?  And when I see gorgeous pictures like this it always makes me want that perfection even more!

So project number one is the bathroom, with the aim of restoring it to a peaceful haven in which to recover after a long day with three loud and crazy little girls.  It needs some new furniture, a new loo, re-painting the ceiling and other non-tiled bits, and a general tidy up and clear out.  I just hope we can maintain our current get up and go attitude in the new year!

What are your new year plans for the home?  Any rooms craving your urgent attention?


  1. I need to sit down and budget as well, its funny how things always seem to happen. Love the space age kettle

  2. I just need to be a sponge right now and soak this all in. Thanks for your advice!


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