Contact Lenses for Kids?

At about the age of 13 I realised I was having trouble reading the blackboard at school, and was getting lots of headaches.  One eye test later and I was diagnosed as short-sighted, and handed some particularly choice '80s glasses.  Think Deirdre Barlow, I will spare you the pictures!  Many dodgy '80s fashions have come back round in recent years, neon, pale denim, even shoulder pads, but I'm not sure that particular glasses style will be hitting the catwalks any time soon!

The early teen years aren't exactly known for being an age high in confidence, and with my ghastly specs came a huge nosedive in confidence; not good at all at that tricky age.  My confidence only began to recover when I got contact lenses at the age of 17.  They quite literally changed my life.

I met the ACUVUE team at BritMums Live back in June, and was surprised to learn that children as young as five can wear contact lenses, especially daily disposable lenses which don't need the complicated care that regular lenses do.  I don't yet know what my daughters' vision is like, but I'm glad to know they can avoid wearing glasses if they want to.  No child need face the confidence wrecking journey into glasses-wearing that I went through.

Many optometrists will not automatically consider offering contact lenses to young people under 12 who need vision correction, but a recent study suggests that children as young as 8 are capable of providing adequate lens care.  But for convenience and ease of use, you really can't beat daily disposables.  I have used them for many years now and really rate them; they're just so easy.

The time will come when Lara, Sophia and Tatiana need an eye test and, if it does show they need corrective lenses, I will be more than happy for them to choose contact lenses, and not to have to deal with all the issues that wearing glasses creates.

You can find out more on the ACUVUE website.

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